Travelling abroad is no longer as difficult as it was in the years gone by. The internet has made travelling abroad accessible to a larger number of people.
Whether this is your first trip or your hundredth,  making a checklist of things to take, including a list of travel documents to make sure that your trip is worry free is always encouraged. No matter the size or weight, documents are of the utmost importance on every trip, be it for business or leisure.
Simply start preparing for your trip by putting all the documents you have in a folder and make a note to collect the missing documents. By putting them all in one folder, will help you organise your documents together in one place.
Cần chuẩn bị gì khi đi du lịch nước ngoài? (Nguồn Internet)
If you are not sure about the types of documents you should bring, bookmark this article so you can use it as reference when preparing for your trip.

  1. Valid passport and visa(s) (if needed) – To avoid your trip being delayed on account of your passport having expired or obtaining a visa(s) in time, plan your passport and visa(s) application/renewal appropriately prior to the starting date of your trip.
  2. Loyalty member’s card(s) and frequent flyer card(s) of international brands (if any).
  3. Cash and credit cards – There are no rules that prohibit you from carrying cash when travelling overseas, but you might want to consider the amount of cash you bring with you as carrying too much cash around also means it would take additional efforts to keep it safe. If you have a credit card, call up your bank and let them know that you are travelling to avoid them locking your card when seeing unusual transactions.
  4. Health insurance card(s)/document(s) (if any).
  5. Travel insurance card(s)/document(s) (if any) – Liberty Insurance currently offers three easy to apply Liberty TravelCare plans for Vietnamese citizens and permanent residents under the age of 75. Find out more information about them here.
  6. Reservations and itineraries – Prepare a printed copy and an electronic copy on your phone/laptop
  7. Hotels and tours’ contact information (if any).
  8. Transportation tickets (planes, buses, trains, etc.) – Prepare a printed copy and an electronic copy on your phone/laptop
  9. Emergency contact details

After preparing all the above documents and putting them in your travel documents folder, make sure to email electronic copies of all these documents to your own email address. By doing this, even if any of them is missing/lost, you can still access them online.