We at the Timo Care Team are excited to provide you with the additional details set out below, in relation to our upcoming launch of a new and improved version of Timo, in partnership with Viet Capital Bank.

Timo is preparing to change banking partners, as we strive to realise our vision of modernising and enhancing digital banking services in Vietnam. As a Timo customer (having to date enjoyed the benefits of Timo during its time as powered by VPBank), this means that as from 8 September 2020, you will no longer be able to access your primary VPBank accounts via the Timo App or Web App. Your primary VPBank accounts, term deposits, overdrafts, credit cards will of course continue to exist, as they always have and can be accessed by using VPBankOnline from today.


We are super-excited to reveal that on 8 September, 2020, we will be launching an improved version of Timo, named “Timo Plus”  in partnership with Viet Capital Bank and invite you to download the new app from the App or Play store.

You can of course remain with VPBank and continue to use your existing primary bank accounts and products as outlined above (although you will not be able to use the Timo App or Web App to access any VP Bank accounts, once Timo Plus has been launched in partnership with Viet Capital Bank, from 8 September 2020).

We want you to have maximum flexibility during this transitional process. You, the customer, are in the driving seat and can decide which option suits you best. For example, you are free to choose one of the following options:

  • Come on board with Timo Plus (powered by Viet Capital Bank), and also continue to use your primary VPBank accounts; or
  • Do not come on board with Timo Plus at all, and continue to use your primary VPBank accounts.

For all of you who decide to join us at Timo Plus, the Timo Care Team is here for you, to make the on-boarding process smooth, seamless, and hassle-free.

Our Timo Hangouts remain open to assist you during this transitional period and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to visit us at the Timo Hangouts at any time during business hours, or to call us on 1800 6788, chat with us via Fanpage, or email us at care@timo.vn.

Whether or not you decide to come on board with Timo Plus, if you wish to ensure your on-going access to your primary accounts held with VPBank, here are the steps you should follow: 

  • Visit any VPBank Branch, ATM, or CDM countrywide;
  • Call the VPBank Customer Support line 1900 545415 and/or email customercare@vpbank.com.vn, to assist you with details of your primary VPBank accounts and how to continue to operate them; and/or
  • Download the VPBank online banking app/web/mobile web then click to Register and use it to access your primary VPBank accounts. Or use the following link: https://online.vpbank.com.vn/cb/pages/jsp-ns/self1.jsp#

The Timo Care team and the VPBank team are both ready to serve you during this transitional period.

For all overdrafts and credit card services currently enjoyed by any Timo customers, VPBank commits to continue delivering on its legal and service level commitments to all Timo customers who decide to remain with VPBank. 

We hope that you will be as excited as we are about this next chapter in the evolution of Timo, Vietnam’s original and bestnumber one digital banking platform!

For more details, you can visit our FAQ page here.