After a whole year full of hard work and saving, how much of your account balance you are planning to save with the purpose of generating interest? No matter how much you are planning to put into your savings account, keep in mind that you should choose the kind of savings method that would not make your life difficult. To make this happen, check out how Timo Term Deposit works in the article below, as well as how it would help you to maximize your interest.

1. Start saving now without having to wait

Are you currently waiting for several things to happen in order to start putting your money into a savings account? For instance, you might be waiting to have enough money to open a savings account, or you already have enough money but are waiting to have free time to visit your bank to open a savings account. With Timo Term Deposit, you will not have to wait any longer as every step and procedure can be done within a blink of the eye in the Timo app. Additionally, Timo Term Deposit offers the following convenient features:

  • Low minimum requirement – 1.000.000 VND
  • Competitive interest rates – up to 7.6%/year
  • Start saving whenever you have money without having to wait for anything as a Term Deposit can be open in the Timo app within a few swipes and taps

Before opening a savings account to earn interest, a lot of people hesitate as they are concerned that they will lose a fair amount of interest if an urgent matter comes up and they end up having to withdraw their money ahead of time. If this is your concern, Timo would be a perfect option as we have a way to help you minimize the loss of interest in these situations.

2/ How to minimize losses of early withdrawal with Timo Term Deposit?

The highest possible interest rate does not always mean that it would help you to generate the largest amount of interest. In an unexpected situation that requires you to withdraw money ahead of time, the higher the interest rate, the higher the amount of interest you would lose. This is why Timo Term Deposit is designed to help you avoid losing a large amount of interest by suggesting users to split their savings amount in smaller accounts. This process can be done quịcly while you are opening a Term Deposit in the Timo app. Upon opening a Term Deposit, depending on the amount of money you wish to save, Timo will suggest you to either open 1 account or split it into 4 accounts. If your savings money is split into 4 Term Deposits, you can easily withdraw 1 during unexpected situations and continue to earn interest on the remaining 3 Term Deposits. With this feature of our Term Deposit, Timo account holders will not need to worry that they would lose all of their interests even when they are in the situation where they need to withdraw some of their savings.

However, be advised that early withdrawal is not always encourage as the best way to maximize your interest is not to withdraw any of your Term Deposits ahead of time.

3/ Unlimited number of Term Deposits is allowed

Hopefully this article is helping you to know how to generate interest from your savings, even with a small amount, as well as how to split your savings account so you would not lose all of your interest in unexpected situations.

Do keep in mind that as Timo Term Deposit encourages users to hold several small accounts, the number of Term Deposits you can open in the Timo app is not restricted. No matter how many Term Deposits you have already opened, you can still easily have another Term Deposit at only 1.000.000 VND.
Don’t leave your savings idle! Put it into work with Timo Term Deposit and enjoy your stress-free savings method brought from Timo!

The preparation process is significantly important to organize a memorable holiday with your family, friends or loved one. A holiday with no financial problems and unexpected issues needed to be addressed will surely be more of a pleasant experience to anyone. If you are planning an overseas trip this upcoming summer, don’t forget that Timo can help you to prepare for your trip better.
Find out how Liberty Insurance and Timo Mastercard can help you have more of a safe and pleasant trip in the following article.

1/ Protect yourself with travel insurance from Liberty Insurance

In the process of planning and preparation, one of the things you need to think about is how to prevent and solve potential risks and issues. Luggage loss, illness, loss of money or personal documents are a few incidents that may occur during your overseas trip. With the support and protection of travel insurance, these incidents can easily cause dramatic financial losses.
Therefore, before packing your suitcase, get yourself and your love one a prestigious and trusted travel insurance package to prevent those potential incidents. With a goal to provide you with trustworthy products and a high degree of convenience, we partner with Liberty Insurance you the peace of mind you deserve on every overseas trip.

To make it easier for you to choose a travel insurance package suitable for your financial ability, Liberty TravelCare insurance is divided into 3 packages, including: Classic, Executive and Premier. Although they are 3 different packages, they all bring comprehensive protection against such risks as:
Overseas and local medical treatment expenses for illnesses and accidental bodily injuries
Overseas compassionate visit
Trip cancellation or postponement
Loss of or damage to baggage or personal effects
Loss of money or travel documents
Loss of or damage to the household contents in Vietnam residence due to fire
Qualification criterias to apply for Liberty Insurance are pretty simple as they are applied for all Timo cardholders. As long as you are a Vietnamese National or a foreigner with a valid residence card in Vietnam and are not over 75 years of age, you can buy whichever travel insurance package you want right in the Timo app.
Find out more about Liberty Insurance here.

2/ Apply for a Timo Mastercard to enjoy a cashless holiday

To enhance your peace of mind during the upcoming overseas holiday, besides getting travel insurance, get yourself a multifunctional credit card to enjoy a cashless holiday. Owning a credit card means you will not need to worry about bringing as much physical cash with you and having to be cautious about it all the time.

If you are already a Timo customer, don’t forget that you can apply for a Timo Mastercard for your upcoming trip right in the app. For those who are unsure that they can be qualified for a Timo Mastercard through another existing credit card or opening a Term Deposit of 20 millions VND, you can start maintain an average balance in your Timo Spend Account to be qualified for your Timo Mastercard. Specifically, to qualify, you need to maintain an average balance of 2 millions VND over the nearest 3 months. Hence, to get a credit card for your summer holiday on August, you need to start maintaining your Spend Account balance now or at the beginning of April at the latest.
Learn more about qualification criterias for Timo Mastercard here.
Owning a credit card also means that you will not need to gather a lot of money for your upcoming trip as the credit limit of Timo Mastercard can get up to 100 millions VND. Equally, you can also enjoy your holiday more without having to worry that the more transactions you make with your card, the higher the interest you will have to pay. This is because your first 44 days of spending with Timo Mastercard is completely interest fee. Additionally, the first annual fee associated with your Timo Mastercard will also be free after you have 3 transactions of 300.000 VND each made within 30 days of card issuance.

As you can see, Liberty Insurance and Timo Mastercard can easily be applied for right in the Timo app. We bring these convenience to you so you can easily have the right tools and support you need for your upcoming overseas trips. Give yourself a cashless holiday and don’t forget to protect yourself & your loved ones against potential risks to have more of an unforgettable trip.


In parallel with a wide range of traditional types of loans, most banks have now offered overdraft loans. With outstanding benefits such as fast approval, flexible loan limit and simple repayment, overdraft loan is believed to be the suitable “financial savior” for a large number of people.

What is an overdraft loan?

An overdraft loan is an approved amount of money that allows you to use it, over and above the current balance in your account. With an overdraft loan, your bank will earn interest based on the amount of money you have use from your loan.
This form of loan is particularly useful for customers who need money to pay for their daily expenses. At Timo, this product, also known as Fast Cash, is offered to you with a goal of making sure it is a fast and convenient “financial savior”. In particular, any application for Timo Fast Cash is reviewed within 30 minutes with a flexible loan limit of up to 100 millions VND. Additionally, compared to other traditional loan types, Timo Fast Cash is more convenient and beneficial in terms of approval process, limit, interest rates, repayment method.

1/ Approval process

Instead of having to prepare a mountain of paperwork to apply for an overdraft loan at traditional banks, the application and approval process for Fast Cash at Timo is significantly fast and simple. You can check to see if you are qualified in the Timo app and apply for Fast Cash in app without having to submit any income proof or mortgage assets. Your application then will be reviewed within 30 minutes.

2/ Loan limit and interest

  • Loan limit: You could easily get a Fast Cash limit that is 5 times higher than your monthly income, if you have a monthly income of 20 million VND. To meet different customer needs, Timo Fast Cash varies from 10 to 100 millions VND.
  • Competitive interest rate: Although the interest rate for overdraft loans can be higher than interest rates for other loan types, the interest rate for overdraft loans is only calculated based on the actual outstanding overdraft balance and the number of days you have used the loan for. You can easily calculate your loan interest with the following formula:

Your monthly overdraft interest = (Total actual outstanding overdraft balance x Interest rate x Actual number of days the loan is used) / 365
Example: Your issued bank’s interest rate for overdraft loans is 9%. Your actual outstanding overdraft balance (the amount you used from your overdraft loan limit) is 5.000.000 VND and has been used by you for the past 14 days. If this is the case, the amount of interest you would have to pay is equivalent to:
Interest = (5.000.000 x 9% x 14) / 365 = 17.260 VND

3/ Easy repayment method

Instead of having to bring cash to the bank to pay for your overdraft loan, customers using Timo Fast Cash can easily repay for their overdraft loan without having to carry out complicated paperwork. When you top up your Timo Spend Account, the deposited amount will automatically be deducted to repat for your Fast Cash, including interest fees.
Find out more about Timo Fast Cash here.

Is your account balance in a “worrying state” with insufficient funds for you to survive financially until the end of the month? Have you heard about one of our digital banking products – Fast Cash? If you’re facing issues and are concerned with your account balance of late, then consider Timo’s Fast Cash and continue reading the following article to discover just the solution to your problem.

Open a Timo account to use Fast Cash here.

1/ How to apply for Fast Cash?

Timo Fast Cash can simply be called an overdraft loan – a common loan product offered by many banks in Vietnam. However, instead of having to travel to your bank to apply for a loan, the outstanding difference with Timo Fast Cash is the fact that it’s can be applied for anywhere with a smartphone that has an internet connection.

Here’s how you can apply for Timo Fast Cash with the following 4 steps:

Step 1: At the main Menu, tap on Wealth and choose Fast Cash
Step 2: If you are qualified to use Fast Cash, continue to fill in all required information
Step 3: Crosscheck all your personal details and and choose Activate My Fast Cash
Step 4: Read all terms and conditions related to Fast Cash before submitting your application

Your application will be reviewed within 30 minutes if it is sent within the hours of 8:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. If you apply for Fast Cash outside of this time frame, your application will be processed on the next working day.

Open a Timo account to use Fast Cash here.

2/ Qualification criteria

Before applying for your Fast Cash, you can quickly check to see if you are qualified. There are 4 criteria you need to meet in order to apply for Timo Fast Cash, as follows:

  • You are a Vietnamese citizen above 18 years of age
  • You have an active Timo Spend Account for at least 180 days
  • Your Timo Spend Account and Goal Save have a minimum balance of at least 500.000 VNĐ over the past 180 days
  • Having at least 3 credit transactions and average spend account credit transactions in the past 180 days greater than or equal 5,000,000 VND

Open a Timo account to use Fast Cash here.

3/ Limit, interest rates and available time of usage

To meet a variety of different needs, Timo Fast Cash offers a flexible and competitive overdraft loan limit from 10 up to 100 million VND  based on their credit rating and needs. You can also increase your Fast Cash limit easily based on the average amount of money credited into your Spend Account over the past 180 days.

In terms of interest rates, your Fast Cash will come with a fixed annual interest rate of 24%. Once your Fast Cash is activated, you will have a year to use your overdraft loan limit.

Open a Timo account to use Fast Cash here.

4/ How to use and pay for Fast Cash

After successfully applying for Fast Cash, you shall use the remaining balance in your Spend Account. When it reaches zero, your approved Fast Cash limit will be activated and you will be able to see the available limit for use there. According to the State Bank of Vietnam, you cannot withdraw cash from overdraft loans. However, you can still freely use your Fast Cash to pay bills online, transfer money or pay via any POS terminal.

When you top up your Timo Spend Account, this amount will then be automatically deducted to repay for your Fast Cash and agreed interest fees. Once you deposit enough to cover your Fast Cash limit, the rest will remain untouched in your Spend Account for you to use as usual.

Open a Timo account to use Fast Cash here.

Should you use Timo Fast Cash?

Timo Fast Cash tends to act as a “financial savior” in situations where you still need money to pay for your daily expenses when your account balance is low. To make it easy for customers, we make sure that the application process is fast and convenient without requiring income proof or mortgage assets. Those who should use this feature are those who are in need of a loan to support their daily spending. If this is you, find out more about Timo Fast Cash here.

  • Did you know? 

    To help you save time and money so you can live your life instead of spending it at a bank, Timo digitalizes the majority of regular banking transactions so you can bank anywhere and anytime. Here are some of the highlights that you can look forward to: 

    Free ATM withdrawals/money transfer

    Free annual fee for Timo Debit cards 

    Smart online saving tools with competitive interest rates

    Convenient Timo Mastercard with attractive benefits

    Get an overdraft loan within 30 minutes via the Timo app

    Send a payment request, lock/unlock your cards, pay bills right within the app 

Your Timo Mastercard comes loaded with benefits this June 2018. We’re happy to announce our latest offer with Wisepass – Just spend 5 million VND on your Timo Mastercard and you will get a 2 weeks Free Wisepass Membership worth VND 3 million that can be redeemed in Hanoi. But there are limited voucher codes available so hurry, the first 500 customers to qualify will win.




1. What is Wisepass membership?

WisePass is a membership that allows you to get 1 free beverage or set lunch / dinner everyday in more than 46 exclusive venues in Hanoi. Usually priced at 6 million VND for 30 days, with Timo, this 15 day membership could be yours absolutely free. The membership entitles you to get 1 free beverage as per the list of available beverages per venue or a lunch / dinner everyday!

Wisepass brands

Brands in Wisepass membership network 

See the full list here


2. Exclusive deal for Timo Mastercard holder 

  • Valid between: 24/05/2018 – 30/06/2018 for all Timo Mastercard holders
  • Location of use: Can be redeemed in Hanoi only
  • The Offer: Spend VND 5 million on your Timo Mastercard between the promotion period and get a FREE 02 weeks Wisepass Membership worth 3,000,000 VND.
  • Benefits of a Wisepass membership include :
    1 set lunch or 1 beverage/day
    46+ Venues in Hanoi only

How to get the voucher?

Timo will send the voucher code to the first 500 qualified customers via email linked to their Timo account within 7 days after the campaign ending day: 30/06/2018 ( voucher code is valid till 31/08/2018)

How to activate your trial Wisepass membership:

Please See here for step by step of how to redeem your 2 week of free Wisepass membership.

For all questions or concerns related to voucher redemption or Wisepass service, please contact Wisepass at:


Hotline: 0942962218

3.Important notes:

  • Don’t forget to cancel your Wisepass membership before your 2 weeks trials expiration date if you do not wish to renew it to avoid an auto renewal charge of  6,000,000 VND on your Timo Mastercard. You can quickly cancel your membership in 3 quick steps as the guideline here

  • The offer cannot be combined with any other promotion programs from Wisepass
  • The offer only applies for Wisepass venues in Hanoi and cannot be used in any other province or country.
  • It is applicable for existing  and new Timo Mastercard customer from 24/05/2018 till 30/06/2018
  • Due to its limited number, the voucher will be sent to the first 500 qualified customers.


timo mastercard vector



About Timo Mastercard

Enjoy 45 days interest free, no annual fee for first year, flexible credit limits and simple application process.  View more in details


Due to technical issues with VPBank’s system, you may have been experiencing slow transaction times and inconsistent updates in your Timo app. Also due to the high volume of incoming calls we have received today, we want to assure you that your funds are safe and sound.

On behalf of the entire team at Timo, we appreciate your understanding and apologize for the interruption in service.

We are working on improvements and expect the service to be corrected as soon as possible.

We will notify you as soon as the problem has been resolved.

Preparing for your upcoming overseas trips? If you are an on-the-go person and always require 24/7 strong internet connection to stay connected during your trips – check out and rent a Laxgo travel WiFi router before departure. This has become one of the top must-have items to people who love to travel. 

To gear up for your overseas trip, do also check out the Timo Mastercard credit card which offers 0% foreign exchange fees to help you save up to 4% of your spending on each trip.  Register for a Timo Mastercard now and receive 2 days of free travel for your next trip abroad.  



• Only applicable for orders which are placed via Laxgo website at

• This promotion only applies to payment made by Timo Mastercard only, with the received promotion code from Timo. This code will be shared by Timo to the customers via email upon the approval of their Timo Mastercard.  

• The offer is on a first come first served basis to the first 200 customers who get their Timo Mastercard approved from 07/09/2017.

• Valid period to use the promotion code: From 07/09/2017 to 31/10/2017.
• The promotion code is only eligible to orders with departing date from 07/09/2017 to 31/12/2017.

• This promotion do not apply at the same time with other Laxgo promotional campaigns.  

• The purchase order on Laxgo must be with a minimum of 3 days to be eligible to apply this promotion code. Customers can only use 1 promotion code on 1 order. 

• For more information about Laxgo and where you can use Laxgo WiFi services, please visit


– A 2-day free travel WiFi promotion code from Laxgo will only be redeemable by the first 200 customers from Timo who claim and use for purchase with their Timo Mastercard. 
– After 200 codes have been redeemed, customers who come 201th will no longer be able to claim this offers. 

It is all first come first served. So if you are planning for your next trip overseas, register your Timo Mastercard today to be the first 300 customers to receive the offers. Be ready for your trips with these 2 must-have items to save up a lot more! 

More information about Timo Mastercard and how to qualify. Register now! 

Learn about Laxgo Travel WiFi

ma-16 tips for a worry-free vacation

Vacations should be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. But surprises, especially those tied to your finances or lose your belongings can derail the fun. Here are 6 travel tips to get you started.

1. Personal identification documents

Your personal Identification document is essential for any foreign travel, without which you will be refused to board the flight or possibly be refused entry into the destination country. Collect your essential travel documents like: Passport, Visa, Identity card and make copies of all these document as well as a security blanket. Traveling to any destination for tourism purposes also requires a personal identification document when you check into a hotel accommodation as well. So it’s best to collect all your travel documents in one place before you leave.

2. Handbook of important information

It’s always handy to keep a small notebook to make notes of some key information you need: like your embassy’s address and contact number, your hotel’s address and contact number and even the phone number of your issuing bank in case you need to contact them when travelling. Other numbers like the tour operator details and key sites and restaurants you want to visit can also be listed down here.

What to prepare for your trip? (Internet source)

3. Cash and ATM cards

You definitely need to carry some cash with you when you travel, but in most cases the “less is more” rule is probably advisable. Carrying too much money when travelling means you will spend more time worrying about theft or overspending. Also it’s best to convert your money into a widely acceptable currency before traveling. Credit cards are now widely accepted across the world. Some banks and companies also specialize in credit cards for travel . Lastly and most importantly, do not forget to notify your card issuing bank of any upcoming international travel plans to avoid the card getting locked when a transaction is suspected of being unusual or fraudulent.

4. Personal Items

Not comfortable using personal hygiene items that are available on aircrafts or at hotels, you;re better of packing your own items. Toiletries like: toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, shaving creams, aerosols, sun tanning or sun block creams etc as per your usage should be packed tightly to avoid leakage or breakage.

It also helps to equip yourself with a mini first aid kit with basic medical supplies such as band aid, cotton wool, antiseptic, allergy medicines, cold and sore throat lozenges and other medication for headaches, abdominal pain, dissolvables etc.

5. Pack an emergency snack

Sometimes grabbing a meal on the go when travelling can be hard to find. Especially when you’re waiting for a train, plane, boat and you skipped breakfast … so be prepared with some quick snack you can nibble on to sustain yourself till you next proper meal. Could be some local candy, or instant noodles, or crisps … any fast-food should remedy the problem.

6. Charge your phone, camera

Never miss the opportunity to capture all the memorable moments of your trip because your camera or phone is out of battery. Make sure your devices are always charged and if you have a power bank that should be charged too. Some countries use a 2-pin socket while other a 3-pin socket, so be prepared with a suitable adapter to be ready to plug into any pug point and always have enough power for your phone and your camera.

Currently, Timo is issuing a Timo Mastercard – which is extremely useful when abroad. This will be the credit card for your ideal travel . Sign up now to not miss out!