Dear Timo-ers,

Starting from 21 November 2022, when making transfers from popular banking apps, you can choose Timo Digital Bank from the list of recipient banks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I still make transfers by selecting “Bank of Ban Viet” like before?

Absolutely. You can continue to make transactions with e-wallets seamlessly without needing to reconnect.

2. Why can’t I find the name “Timo Bank”?

Timo by Ban Viet Bank only appears as an option when selecting the “Instant Transfer (24/7)” method.

If you choose the regular transfer method, the system will still display it as “Viet Capital Bank”.

  • Instant Transfer 24/7
  • Regular Transfer

If you’re unable to find Timo even when using NAPAS instant transfer, it might be because your bank’s app hasn’t been updated. In that case, please select “Viet Capital Bank”.

3.When making cash deposits at the counter, should I mention “Timo By Ban Viet Bank” or ” Viet Capital Bank”

For over-the-counter cash deposits, please specify “Bank of Ban Viet.”