Are you planning to explore a new destination this summer? If you are, don’t forget that your trip with be more well-prepared if you are planning to bring a credit card with you. Below are some of the main reasons why you would want to have a credit card with you during your overseas trip.

1/ Settling payments fast and easy  

A new destination means new experiences and things that you are not familiar with. As things are unfamiliar, sometimes it is likely that you can also face problems with payments, transactions and use of foreign currencies.

A credit card will act as a replacement of cash and help you to pay everything needed for your trip, from airline tickets, hotel reservations to bills at service providers allowing credit cards as a payment method. A credit card will help you to prevent the above problems and give you more time to prepare as well as enjoy your trip.

2/ Minimizing loss of physical cash

Neither of us would want to bring a large amount of physical cash with us during the trip and accidentally lose it. Hence, if you bring a credit card and a small amount of cash, the effects of these potential incidents will be limited and financial losses can be significantly reduced. Even in cases when you accidentally lose your credit cards, you can always inform your bank to have your card locked and prevent your money from being stolen.
Credit cards are also more useful in situations when you want to change your schedule or have unexpected expenses during your trip as you can still use your approved credit limit to pay off these expenses.  

3/ Helping you to save time and money through special offers

Bookings made with a credit card can also be done fast and easy on the Internet. Many travel-related booking platforms usually have special offers for Visa/Mastercard credit cards. This will help you to save some money on the budget that you already allocated for accommodation.


Although credit cards can bring a high degree of convenience to your overseas trip, a few incidents can still occur if you don’t know how to use your credit cards properly. Some incidents that can happen include: your credit card is not accepted in the country you are travelling to, your card is damaged or expired, etc. To avoid these incidents from happening, make sure you do the following before your trip:

  • Check the expiry date of your credit card
  • Find out the credit cards that are commonly accepted as a payment method in the country you are travelling to
  • Prepare two credit cards to make sure you always have a backup plan

To avoid having problems with your hotel or transportation reservations, try to settle these payments at least one day in advance to have them processed promptly.
Additionally, don’t forget that overseas money withdrawal from your credit card comes with a high charged fee. Find out how much your bank would charge for this beforehand and save the bank’s overseas contact information for support when needed.
Find out more about Timo Mastercard and its smart features here. You can check if you are qualified and apply for a Timo Mastercard right in the Timo app. Make it more of a hassle-free summer trip with the support of your credit card!