Although travel insurance is no longer an unfamiliar product to many of us, its importance is not as appreciated as other insurance products such as health insurance, personal accident insurance, etc. However, this insurance product is important for both domestic and international trips. If you have plans to travel this year, join us in learning more about travel insurance in the article below.

1 – Travel insurance acts as a comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones

Travel insurance is a form of insurance that covers losses arising from travel incidents such as accidents, illnesses, passport loss, luggage loss, etc. Hence, travel insurance acts as a comprehensive protection for you in addition to health insurance and personal accident insurance. If the usual health insurance only covers your medical treatments in your area of residence, travel insurance also covers the cost of treatment when you are abroad. With travel insurance, you can still rest assured that your health and safety are fully protected even when you are travelling abroad.

2 – Travel insurance acts as your peace of your mind on every journey

Not only does travel insurance acts as your comprehensive protection, it also acts as your peace of mind on every journey as it exists as your solution for several risks such as:
– Costs related to your delayed or canceled trips
– Costs related to your personal document loss
– Costs related to cases when there is a delay in your luggage delivery, loss of luggage, luggage damage
– Costs related to damage of your house while you are abroad

3 – Why should you buy travel insurance from Liberty TravelCare?

From only $1/day, you can easily protect yourself better with travel insurance. However, among a wide range of travel insurance providers, you should find out as much information as you can in order to choose a reputable travel insurance provider for yourself. Here are a few criteria you should consider if you plan to buy travel insurance:
– Affordable premium costs with high coverage: unexpected accidents or loss can happen any time during your trip. Hence, you should prepare yourself with a travel insurance package that offers high coverage to cope with these unexpected situations. Imagine what you would do if your hospital bill goes up to a few thousand dollars?
– Medical expenses are inclusive: your travel insurance package should cover medical expenses domestically and when you are abroad. It should also cover related fees such as: accommodation costs during treatment, funeral fees, etc. Many insurance providers are also willing to cover the costs of travelling and accommodation for a family member in case you need someone to take care of you.
– Your travel insurance should be applicable in several different countries. Don’t get yourself in the situation when the insurance package you bought is not applicable at the place you will be visiting. To avoid this, make sure you carefully read the list of countries where your travel insurance can be applied to.
– Your travel insurance should protect you from unexpected situations. Loss of personal documents or luggage and delayed flights are problems that can easily occur during trips. Hence, you should always choose an insurance provider that covers these losses for you.
Liberty Insurance is currently one of the most well-known and reputable insurance companies. With more than 10 years of experience, Liberty Insurance is completely capable of giving you the peace of mind that you deserve during your trip. With only $1/person/day, you will be fully protected during your trip with coverage of up to 4 billions VND. Travel insurance packages provided by Liberty Insurance can be bought easily in the Timo app with the following steps:
Step 1: Tap on the Wealth section
Step 2: Tap on Liberty Insurance
Step 3: Choose your destination, departure & return dates and the travel insurance package you want
Step 4: Enter your personal details
If you have plans to travel this year, in addition to preparing yourself with necessary information that you need to know, don’t forget to protect yourself better with travel insurance. If you are a Timo account holder, you should find out more about Liberty Insurance in the Timo app to make your preparation process more convenient.