Many people think that digital banking has only online transactions and it is easy to mistaken the way banks operate like e-wallets. However, Digital Banking is an upgrade product from the traditional banking version that you are get used to it for a long time. Digital Banking will provide a card for making payment nationally or internationally payment. Besides, it is a modern management tool, safer rather than an friendly mobile interface and Internet Banking website.
Traditional banking does not meet the problem of management tools; meanwhile, e-wallets do not provide bank cards. However when you open Timo card, you will be provided:

  • 1 Timo Debit card is used for payment and deposit, withdraw nationally without fees 
  • 1 Timo Mastercard is used for payment in and out country 
  • Timo app can: lock/unlock, track transactions,move money, pay the bill, open term deposit, fast cash,… FREE
  • 1 website Internet Banking make more convenient for using and aslo FREE

Can Timo card be swiped?

Timo Debit cards is applicable for online shopping  and online payments via Napas system. You can use the Timo card to pay directly through the POS when shopping at stores, eateries, hotels, … With Timo Debit card, you will be asked to enter your PIN for secure security. Therefore, you can feel safe when using a card in public. In addition, we have a lot of discount promotions for orders, apply to hundreds of places, services when you use Timo card for payment.

phí rút tiền atm

Convenient transaction everywhere with Timo card(Source : Internet)

Timo card can be used for online shopping?

This is possible and you can easily pay for both Timo cards:

    • For Timo Debit card payments: When making payment, you choose to pay via ATM or Napas. Then you select VPBank and enter the information as requested
    • For online payments with Timo Mastercard: When you want to make payment, simply select the Mastercard  and enter the required information.


Where you can get offers from Timo card?

In order to bring maximum benefits to your members and to accompany you to enjoy the wonderful life, Timo always strive to bring the greatest offers from partners when you use Timo card to pay via POS or online payments.
Just use your Timo card frequently, you will get a lot of discounts from Timo.

Timo card can be used for international payments?

With Timo Mastercard, you can make international payments. Money from foreign country or online shopping on foreign websites will be done easily and with Timo Mastercard. Especially, we also have offers for Timo Mastercard 0% foreign exchange fee helping you save a lot of money. 

Does Timo card have security?

Information security and card security is the most priority things. And you should choose Timo because it has high security and the following advantages:

  • You can lock/unlock 24/7 by Timo app when losing card ( apply for both cards)
  • Timo Debit card always requires PIN (4 number) on app and OTP when swiping card, withdrawing and making payment
  • Timo Mastercard uses EMV chip with international standard and always has 3D Security when you make payment online

Keeping money in Timo card will have interest?

Keeping money in the Timo Debit card still has interest from three different types of account:

  • If you keep money in Goal Save, you will get interest at 1% per year.
  • If you open term deposit, interest which is  competitive will be set according to period.
  • If you have money in Spend Account, you still get interest at 0.01% per year

Can Timo withdraw?

Timo card has function like any card. You can withdraw money from the Timo Debit card in two ways:

  • Withdraw via ATM: Free domestic ATM withdrawals. The withdrawal limit is 20 million / transaction and 100 million / day.
  • Cash withdrawal at VP Bank’s transaction office: Unlimited withdrawal limit.

For the Timo Mastercard credit card, if you withdraw cash, you have to pay fees for an advances of cash. This fee at Timo is competitive with 4.4% per transaction, so you should not withdraw cash by this card but can swipe card without fee
These are the most frequently asked questions when customers refer to Timo card services. Both cards are appreciated as the most modern card and friendliness with user; easy to use, easy to manage, absolutely safe and completely free.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact 18006788 hotline (free). Currently, Timo is offering attractive promotional policies for new customers as well as Timo members. Apply Timo now to experience digital banking with us