Established in 2003, VinaCapital is one of the largest investment and wealth management groups in Vietnam.

As of March 31, 2023, the Fund has total assets under management of $3.9 billion.

In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2023, VinaCapital was consecutively named the best fund company in Vietnam by the prestigious Asia Asset Management Magazine.

Who are the fund managers?

VinaCapital’s open-end funds are actively managed by a team of experienced financial investment professionals, benefiting from VinaCapital Group’s 20 years of establishment and development in the Vietnamese market.

VinaCapital focuses on finding investment opportunities with high growth potential and resilience to market volatility.

What are the benefits of investing in VinaCapital?

VinaCapital manages various open-ended funds such as: VINACAPITAL-VESAF, VINACAPITAL-VEOF, VINACAPITAL-VIBF, VINACAPITAL-VFF.

Each open-end fund has its own unique set of characteristics and investment strategies designed to meet the diverse investment needs of investors. Here are 4 famous open-end funds of VinaCapital:

Fund Name Average Returns/ Year (From 31/3/2021 to 31/3/2023) Returns from start of 2023 to 31/3/2023 Returns in 2022


- 21,2%

Performance Results Table for VinaCapital’s Four Funds (Source: VinaCapital).

Note: 2022 was a period of significant decline in the entire Vietnamese stock market, with the VN-Index losing up to 32.8% of its value. Many individual investors even lost more than this figure.

It can be seen that all three open funds investing in VinaCapital’s stocks had much lower declines than the VN-Index in 2022, demonstrating the effectiveness of the fund management team in risk management and protecting investor interests.

Even the bond open fund VINACAPITAL-VFF yielded an 8% return per year thanks to its focus on investing in bonds, and it has been the best performing bond fund in Vietnam for two consecutive years.

VINACAPITAL-VESAF (VinaCapital Equity Special Access Fund)

VESAF is VinaCapital’s highest-yielding open-end fund.

In fact, in terms of response rates, VINACAPITAL-VESAF generally ranks among the best in the overall market.

VINACAPITAL-VESAF is an open-ended equity fund that invests primarily in listed small and mid-cap stocks. As a result, when the broader market falls in 2022, the individual stocks invested by the fund will also fall more sharply. However, VINACAPITAL-VESAF recovers better in 2023.

VINACAPITAL-VEOF (VinaCapital Equity Opportunity Fund)

VEOF is VinaCapital’s second-most lucrative open-end fund.

An open-ended equity fund called VINACAPITAL-VEOF typically invests in listed equities of well-known companies. Despite having a lower profitability than VINACAPITAL-VESAF, VINACAPITAL-VEOF saw a lesser decline in value in years like 2022.

VINACAPITAL-VIBF (VinaCapital Insights Balanced Fund)

VIBF has a lower return rate, compared to VINACAPITAL-VESAF and VINACAPITAL-VEOF.

This is so because VINACAPITAL-VIBF is an open-end fund that invests equally in equities and bonds because it is a balanced fund.

As a result, it is anticipated that VINACAPITAL-VIBF will have lower returns but reduced risk.

VINACAPITAL-VFF (VinaCapital Enhanced Fixed Income Fund)

VFF is the open-end fund with the highest level of safety and the most steady return rate.

Aiming to provide returns over the long term that are higher than the 12-month savings interest rate, VINACAPITAL-VFF is an open-ended bond fund that predominantly invests in listed corporate bonds and government bonds.

Investors that value security should consider this open fund.

As we can see, open-end funds that invest in stocks generate higher returns than those that only do so in bonds. Investors may still be at danger of losing money during a period of general market collapse, though.

What are the fees of VinaCapital?

Subscription fee
Redemption fee <1 years
Redemption fee ≥ 1 year to <2 years




Redemption fee ≥2 years
Management fee
1.75% per annum
1.75% per annum
1.75% per annum
1.75% per annum

Fee Structure Table for VinaCapital’s Four Open-End Funds (Source: VinaCapital).

If you buy fund certificates of VINACAPITAL-VESAF and sell within 1 year, the total fees you will have to pay are: (1.5% + 1.75%) = 3.25%

This fee of 3.25%/year is insignificant compared to the average return of 32.4%/year that VINACAPITAL-VESAF has brought to investors in the 2021-2023 period.

This fee is also much lower than if you hire a securities consultant to invest for you. Securities consultants usually charge you up to 20 – 30% of the return.

If you are interested in investing in VinaCapital’s open-end funds.

Here is how you can invest.

Guide to investing in VinaCapital's open-ended funds

Fund certificates may be purchased directly from the Timo Digital Banking app or through distributors.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Step 1: Open an investment account

If you don’t already have one, you must create an investing account with VinaCapital or a securities firm. It will be a similar procedure to creating a bank account.

However, you may make purchases directly from the Timo app if you use that virtual bank.

  • Step 2: Start Investing and Monitoring

Choosing the Suitable Mutual Fund

Finally, make sure that you regularly monitor the fund’s performance after acquiring the certificate for the fund and modify your investment portfolio as appropriate.

You may check the value of your assets straight on the Timo app if you made the transaction using Timo.

Buy VinaCapital fund certificates right on Timo digital bank’s app. Invest anytime with just 100,000 VND.