International Women’s Day 8/3 is widely known as a day when people have a chance to show love and appreciation to those important women in their lives.

Join us in exploring the actual meaning behind International Women’s Day and getting some inspiration for gifts you can get for the special women in your life.

The meaning of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a focal point in the movement for women’s right and is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, language, culture, economic or political factors.

In some countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated with festivals or parades for equal rights on practical issues, such as salary, education & training, employment opportunities, social security, abuse, anti-prostitution and violence against women. In other countries like Vietnam, is it simply a day that celebrates womanhood when men can show love and respect to the women around them.

What to get for your women on International Women’s Day?

Getting someone a gift can be an indirect way of showing love. If you are still not sure what you can get for your mother, wife, girlfriend or best friend, check out the following ideas.

1/ A considerate bouquet of flowers

Flowers might be a traditional gift for women on every occasion. However, you can make it more considerate and personal by choosing their favorite type of flowers and having it wrapped in papers that match their favourite colors.

2/ Self-prepared dinner

If you are confident with your cooking skills, a dinner prepared by you from start to finish will be a nice surprise for your mother, wife or girlfriend. They will surely appreciate the fact that you spend time and effort to cook their favourite meal to make them feel special after a long day of work.

3/ A holiday

If your women are workaholics and have not had a break in a long time, a holiday to a destination on their to-go list will be a memorable gift for both of you.

4/ Handmade souvenir

Your woman might appreciate something made by you that they can put on their desk at work or in their bedroom. Your handmade souvenir might not be perfect but it surely would make your woman feel special as she knows you spent time and effort in getting it done.

5/ Cosmetics

Cosmetics can be a realistic gift for your woman, as they are one of things that she might need every day. Pay attention to things that she might run out and needs a replacement soon, such as foundation, concealer, lipstick, moisturiser etc.

Hopefully these ideas will help you choose suitable gifts for those important women around you. Don’t forget to show them how special and appreciated they are.