Those who have been using the Timo Debit card and the Timo Application for payments will see the convenience it brings. Thanks to Timo, you can easily make transactions such as bank transfer, paying utility bills, cash withdrawal from 16000+ ATM nationwide fee free. So how can you can load money into your Timo account quickly and conveniently? Let’s find out ways to deposit funds into Timo digitally with some helpful tips.

  1. Recharge cash through smart ATM

To be able to use your account you will need to put money into it. This is one of the first steps. You can use any of the TIMO CDMs located in HCM and HN.

Alternatively you can also use any of VP Bank’s CDM machines which are conveniently located across the country. Because VPBank is Timo’s partner bank, all your accounts are held there and you do not need to worry about errors or inter bank processing time so feel free to recharge your account at any VPBank CDM. So take advantage of this to add funds to your account, instead of visiting the TIMO Hangout.

Of course if you still prefer to use the TIMO CDM machines, the locations are here 

  1. Transfer funds from account to account

The best and quickest way to get funds into your account without leaving your house is via a transfer from one account to another within Timo. This is instant! You can also transfer from another bank account into your Timo account and this usually takes about 24hrs.

Of course this is longer in terms of time, but is a common method of transferring money digitally.

And unlike transferring from one Timo account to another Timo account, with this method of Interbank transfers you will incur some costs from the other bank

Please ensure you provide / input the correct Timo account information including:

  1. Account Number: The 8 or 9 digit number below the Spend Account in the Timo app or on
  2. Bank: VPBank
  3. Branch: Ho Chi Minh (applicable to all Timo accounts)

Note: Another faster way is using the Share bank detail function of the Menu bar on Timo app.

  1. Transfer funds from another bank account to your Timo Debit Card

For those banks that allow a transfer to a Debit card, you just need to provide the correct card number of your Timo Debit Card (the 16 Digit number printed on the card face). This is possible across the NAPAS network. However other banks will most probably charge you anywhere from 5,000 VND – 25,000 VND*

With Timo, you can transfer money to any other bank in Vietnam absolutely fee free.

*This cost will vary by bank. Please ensure you read your Bank’s fee structure for more information.

  1. Deposit funds directly at a VPBank teller

If you do not find any CDM near you and you are in need of funds in your account, then you can visit any VPBank Branch and deposit money over the counter at the Teller desk. This method is very simple and fee free in HCM and Hanoi cities, while in Da Nang and Can Tho the cost is only 0.3% of the total deposit value. 

So, with these 4 ways, adding funds to your Timo account is easy and quick.