After a whole year full of hard work and saving, how much of your account balance you are planning to save with the purpose of generating interest? No matter how much you are planning to put into your savings account, keep in mind that you should choose the kind of savings method that would not make your life difficult. To make this happen, check out how Timo Term Deposit works in the article below, as well as how it would help you to maximize your interest.

1. Start saving now without having to wait

Are you currently waiting for several things to happen in order to start putting your money into a savings account? For instance, you might be waiting to have enough money to open a savings account, or you already have enough money but are waiting to have free time to visit your bank to open a savings account. With Timo Term Deposit, you will not have to wait any longer as every step and procedure can be done within a blink of the eye in the Timo app. Additionally, Timo Term Deposit offers the following convenient features:

  • Low minimum requirement – 1.000.000 VND
  • Competitive interest rates – up to 7.6%/year
  • Start saving whenever you have money without having to wait for anything as a Term Deposit can be open in the Timo app within a few swipes and taps

Before opening a savings account to earn interest, a lot of people hesitate as they are concerned that they will lose a fair amount of interest if an urgent matter comes up and they end up having to withdraw their money ahead of time. If this is your concern, Timo would be a perfect option as we have a way to help you minimize the loss of interest in these situations.

2/ How to minimize losses of early withdrawal with Timo Term Deposit?

The highest possible interest rate does not always mean that it would help you to generate the largest amount of interest. In an unexpected situation that requires you to withdraw money ahead of time, the higher the interest rate, the higher the amount of interest you would lose. This is why Timo Term Deposit is designed to help you avoid losing a large amount of interest by suggesting users to split their savings amount in smaller accounts. This process can be done quịcly while you are opening a Term Deposit in the Timo app. Upon opening a Term Deposit, depending on the amount of money you wish to save, Timo will suggest you to either open 1 account or split it into 4 accounts. If your savings money is split into 4 Term Deposits, you can easily withdraw 1 during unexpected situations and continue to earn interest on the remaining 3 Term Deposits. With this feature of our Term Deposit, Timo account holders will not need to worry that they would lose all of their interests even when they are in the situation where they need to withdraw some of their savings.

However, be advised that early withdrawal is not always encourage as the best way to maximize your interest is not to withdraw any of your Term Deposits ahead of time.

3/ Unlimited number of Term Deposits is allowed

Hopefully this article is helping you to know how to generate interest from your savings, even with a small amount, as well as how to split your savings account so you would not lose all of your interest in unexpected situations.

Do keep in mind that as Timo Term Deposit encourages users to hold several small accounts, the number of Term Deposits you can open in the Timo app is not restricted. No matter how many Term Deposits you have already opened, you can still easily have another Term Deposit at only 1.000.000 VND.
Don’t leave your savings idle! Put it into work with Timo Term Deposit and enjoy your stress-free savings method brought from Timo!

Sending debt reminders is sometimes one of the actions that we cannot avoid in our daily lives, although it can bring a sense of embarrassment to both the person sending the reminder and the person receiving the reminder. Sometimes debt reminders can even lead to negative effects of the involved parties.

Have you heard of or tried out the Payment Request feature of Timo? If you are a Timo account holder and you have not heard of or tried this feature, let us help you know more about this in the article below.

What is Timo’s Payment Request?

Timo’s Payment Request is one of the smart features provided in the Timo app with the hope of  keeping up with the speed of users’ lives. With this smart feature, users will no longer have to worry about what to say nor how to handle a debt effectively.
This feature can be used in the Timo app with just a few swipes and taps. Timo Payment Request also helps you to manage and organize your debts more effectively since all your debts are clearly divided into 2 main categories: Outstanding and Completed. The debts you already paid and the debts already paid to you will be in the Completed list. The debts you have not paid as well as the debts have not been paid to you will be in the Outstanding list.

How to use Timo Payment Request?

You can find this feature in the Payment section of the Timo app. When you tap on Payment Request, the Manage Requests section will appear on the screen and you will see all your outstanding and completed payment requests here.
To send a payment request to another Timo account holder, you can quickly select the recipient’s name or add a new recipient at the (+) sign. To make the payment request clearly, you can also add in a description before sending out the payment request.
To check the outstanding debts you have not paid, tap on Outstanding in the Manage Requests section and you will be able to see all the payment requests you have not dealt with here. To quickly resolve any outstanding payment request, tap on the corresponding payment request and choose Pay Now, then enter your OTP/iOTP code to complete the transaction.

How does Timo Payment Request help you to manage your personal financial situation?

Effective personal financial management is not only about managing your income and expenses but also about how well you manage your debts.
With the support of Timo’s Payment Request, you can manage your personal financial situation effectively, intelligently and delicately. All notifications related to payment requests will be sent to users. Hence, the debts you need to resolve can be handled promptly to maintain your credibility. Debt reminders can also be sent to people owing you money in a polite way. Every incoming and outstanding debt will then be resolved easily.
We hope the above article helped you understand more about Timo Payment Request so you can use it to manage your personal financial situation more effectively.

Have you ever met any credit cardholder who shares that they are afraid of owning a credit card due to several different reasons? What are the most common fears people usually have when owning a credit card? Most of these fears are results of how the credit cards are used rather than the credit cards themselves. The article below will help you understand these fears better and ways to overcome them.

1. The fear of bad credit ranking

Your credit rating can constantly be assessed and evaluated based on your payment history. Hence, for those people who care about their credit rating, they are always careful with every transaction or activity made with credit card to make sure they don’t negatively affect their credit rating. However, one thing that every credit cardholder should remember is being responsible for your credit payment is a foundation of maintaining a stable credit rating. No matter how careful you are with your transactions, your credit rating can still drop if you do not pay off your credit payment on time.

2. The fear of overspending with a credit card in hand

This is a very common fear and it sometimes affects one’s decision when opening a credit card. Some people often worry that, once they own a credit card with a certain approved limit, they will start swiping their credit card uncontrollably and end up with a large amount of debt at the end of the month.
However, the amount of debt you owe is entirely the result of your spending decisions. Therefore, to make sure your debt doesn’t go beyond your financial limit, come up with a personal budget and make sure you stick with it. Having a clear personal budget will help you know how much you can spend and when you should stop spending. Understanding your financial limit will help you overcome this fear.

3. The fear of having your credit card information stolen

The risks of having your credit cards stolen or abused are always warned on many different communication channels. Hackers and thieves can have several ways to access your credit card information, such as: via the internet, via SMS text messages, via ATM machines, etc.
To minimize these risks, many banks equip their issued credit cards with EMV chíp to protect customers’ credit card information from being abused. However, you should also keep your credit card as safely as you would keep your wallet. And don’t forget that you should only use your credit card at trustworthy locations. Find out other card safety guidelines you should know here.

4. The fear of ending up with unaffordable debts

Some people often think that credit cards are a way banks push customers into falling into debt. And then when people do not pay the debt off on time, the debt becomes even larger with interest, late payment fees, etc. This perception is not only applied to credit cards but also to any other loan product or service provided by banks.
Although credit cards are products provided by banks so you can use first and pay it off later, you are in total control of how you use it. You will not end up with a larger debt if you know your limit and pay off your credit limit on time. One other thing that you should also remember is to avoid asking for an increase in your credit limit when you don’t think that you can afford it.

As you can see, these fears associated with credit cards can easily be eliminated if you know how to use your credit card properly have a reasonable personal budget. Find out more about Timo Mastercard here.

In addition to the range of financial services and products offered, security is one of the top criteria that people consider upon choosing a bank. This is because neither of us would want to open an account at a bank where we always have to be nervous about our account details or money being stolen.
How can one determine if their chosen bank is safe and secure? Find out the main elements that you should see if your chosen bank has in the article below.

Does your bank allow customers to lock and unlock their cards or accounts online?

A bank with a high degree of safety and security would let their customers be more proactive in locking/unlocking their cards and accounts to help them react quịcly when they find out that their account details or account balance is being hacked. Once the account details are being hacked, money in the accounts can be stolen even before customers can contact the bank to get their accounts and cards locked.

Does your bank allow customers to verify their transactions with iOTP?

OTP (One Time Password) is a common type of password that is valid for only one use to verify transactions made from one’s bank account. OTPs are normally sent through text messages to verify money transfer requests. Although OTPs are usually disabled after a short amount of time, there is still a high possibility of OTPs being stolen by hackers. This can directly affect your personal information, account and other “assets” that you have in your bank account.
A safe and secure bank should provide iOTP as an upgraded version of OTP to let customers verify their transactions without having to get their OTP via text messages. In comparison with the usual OTP, iOTP is just a simple upgrade but can bring more safety to one’s bank account and convenience to their daily life.

Does your bank app allow automatic log out?


To enhance safety and security, customers should log out from their bank accounts after every access. However, a large population of people often forget about this and underestimate the effects that can come out of this.
Hence, a safe and secure bank should help their customers to avoid any effect that can come out of forgetting to log out of their bank account. In particular, one’s bank account should be able to be automatically logged out after a certain amount of time it is not being used. If users wish to log in to their account again after not logging out properly, they should be required to enter a security code or their username & password again.

Does your bank allow you to receive your account balance notifications via email?

One of the most common methods used to notify one’s account balance is SMS text messages. However, to use SMS Banking, people usually need to pay a certain amount of monthly fee. This method is also inconvenient to use in cases of weak signals or when people are travelling overseas.
Therefore, a safe and secure bank should allow customers to receive their account balance notifications via their registered email addresses. In cases when the customers are travelling abroad or have bad signals, this notification method would help to be more proactive in reacting to unusual transactions. Additionally, receiving account balance notifications brings some other benefits to users, such as:
– Able to manage their transaction history anytime and anywhere
– Able to receive account balance notifications through multiple means of communication
– Do not have to depend on mobile network and signals

Does your bank issue cards with secure EMV chip?

EMV chip is the global standard for card payments. Cards with EMV chip are chip-based payment cards with enhanced safety features that are designed to prevent fraudulent practices such as card skimming and cloning. EMV chip contains data on microchips instead of magnetic lines. As EMV chip generates fresh user data every time a transaction is being made, this makes it impossible for fraudsters to copy people’s original data from their cards. This is why a safe and secure bank should issue cards with EMV chips as the functions of EMV chips help to create a strong layer of protection for customers’ cards and account details.
Above are some elements that a safe and secure bank should have to help their customers bank with an absolute peace of mind. Don’t forget to consider carefully the above elements to choose the right bank for yourself.

miễn phí phí rút và chuyển tiền

Money transfers and withdrawals are some of the most common banking services that everyone uses on a daily basis. However, problems with time, fees and process sometimes can make something simple become a hassle.
How to avoid these problems so you can always move money effortlessly without getting stressed about it? Join Timo in finding out the most common problems you can encounter when moving money and the best way to avoid them in the following article.

1. Money transfer fee

Using bank cards has become a popular form of banking transactions today. Although moving money online comes with it’s benefits and conveniences, there are also problems that users can rarely avoid, such as money transfer fee. While money transfer fees associated with money transfers within the same bank or on the same system are usually low or free, inter-bank money transfer fees often vary (depending on regulations of different banks).
To avoid these fees, before opening a bank account, you should consider choosing a bank that offers free inter-bank money transfer service, especially if you use this form of banking transaction on a regular basis. Timo is currently one of the banks that offer free money transfers to more than 40 banks in the NAPAS system.
In contrast with traditional banking, Timo is operated on a digital platform, hence transaction fees are minimized.

2. Time consuming

Inter-bank money transfers usually take longer than transferring money to the same bank or the same system. The transfers can even be delayed on weekends and holidays and the beneficiary might have to wait until the next working day to receive the money.
With Timo, this inconvenience has been overcome by the 24/7 money transfer feature, applicable for transfers to banks in the NAPAS system. You can move money anytime and anywhere, even outside of official working hours or even on weekends. The beneficiary will also receive your transfer within a few minutes after the transaction is carried out.

3. Concerns about safety and security when moving money

One of the risks associated with money transfers is having your account hacked or even your card being stolen. And this gets even more serious if your phone is also stolen as this can lead to you possibly losing your money especially if you receive your OTP to verify your money transfer through an SMS messages.

To limit this risk, take time to observe your recorded transaction history to promptly find any strange transaction and alert your bank to lock your card/account.
With Timo, you would not have to worry about this as we allow our customers to verify their transactions with iOTP right in the Timo app instead of having to receive OTP via text messages. A unique Username and Password or Touch ID would be required to login to the Timo App providing another layer of security. You can also lock and unlock your Timo Debit card in the Timo Web and Mobile app in cases of emergency to avoid your account being abused.

4. Inaccurate account details

Inaccurate account numbers, inaccurate beneficiary’s name, inaccurate bank branches are common mistakes that users can make when moving money. Inaccuracy can happen when you provide others with your own account details or when you transfer money to a wrong beneficiary. When transferring money to the wrong beneficiary, it will be a hassle getting your money back as you would have to go through several rounds of paperwork, such as filling in a Refund Request.

With Timo, we will help you to get full account details in just a few steps in the app. All you have to do is click on the main Menu, tap on Share my bank details, tap on Share and choose your communication method.
Additionally, to enhance your convenience, we also allow our customers to transfer money quickly through the beneficiary’s bank card number. All you have to do is enter their card number and their full details will be displayed clearly and accurately in the Timo app. For Timo cardholders wanting to transfer money to each other, you can easily get this done with one of the following beneficiary’s information, such as: account number, card number or email.
The Timo app also automatically saves the beneficiary’s details from the first time you send them money to make it more convenient for you in the future.

There is not an ideal number of how much you should save as your savings money depends on several factors and one’s financial situation. However, there is still a need for each and everyone of us to save a certain amount of money to be ready for the future.

Why do you need to save money?

When it comes to saving, there would be more than one reason for you to consider saving from now. Some common reasons include:
1/ Potential risks in life: These are things that cannot be expected or foreseen, such as: sickness, accidents, etc. When these potential risks occur without financial support, you will easily face several difficulties.
2/ Potential plans in the future: You might be having future business plans such as opening a start-up business, buying a house for investment purposes, etc. As business plans would always need a certain amount of capital in the beginning, having a savings amount will help you to execute these future plans more easily.
3/ Be financially independent: Having your own savings means you are more likely to be financially independent instead of having to depend on your family, spouse, etc.

Each of us will have different reasons to save money instead of spending all of our monthly income. Saving money will help you to maintain your daily life and build a strong financial foundation for the future.

How much should you save before you are 30?

Your savings amount will entirely depend on your financial capability and your monthly income. However, to make sure you effectively save a certain amount of money every month, you can apply the following formula for your monthly income. In particular, you should break your income down into 6 main accounts, based on the JARS System of money management, including:
– Necessities account – 55%
– Savings account – 10%
– Education account – 5%
– Financial freedom account – 10%
– Entertainment account – 10%
– Charity account – 10%
As you can see, from this formula, you should save 10% of your income per month. When you have a certain standard, you can easily calculate how much you should be able to save before you are 30. For instance, you are currently 26 years of age and your monthly income is 20.000.000 VND/month. If you apply the above formula, you should be able to save 96 millions VND when you are 30 years of age. If you can save this much money, you can easily earn interest if you open a savings account or invest in your start-up business.

What is the most effective method of savings?

There are currently several savings methods of saving for you to choose from. Two of the most common savings methods are known to be independent savings and saving with a third party. With independent savings, you would start a plan on your own and execute your plan by stacking cash in your safe. On the other hand, opening a savings account at a bank or buying insurance are some examples of saving with a third party.
At the moment, the majority of banks offer several savings products for you to choose from. However, online savings account is the product that can help you plan and manage your savings more effectively. Timo is currently one of the banks in the marketing that also provides this savings product. Find out more about Timo Term Deposit with attractive interest rates here.

  • Important notes:
    From 5th July 2019, foreign nationals are no longer eligible for Goal Save Accounts as stated in Circular no. 48/2018/TT-NHNN. For Term Deposit Accounts, foreigners with a valid document proving residential status in Vietnam with at least 6 months validity will be eligible to open Term Deposit Accounts with a Term NOT greater than the remaining of its validity. Existing Term Deposits opened before 5th July 2019 will be continued until its maturity.

Should you buy personal accident insurance even when you already have health insurance and motorbike insurance? We will help you to answer the above question in the following article.

What is the role of each insurance type?

Health insurance: When you have health insurance, a part of your medical treatments will be paid by the insurance provider. Health insurance is provided to protect its participants from financial reserves arisen from inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Motorbike insurance: This form of insurance provides financial protection in cases of accidents and damages happening to those who own and use motorbikes as a means of support. Motorbike insurance also includes liability insurance in case you are liable for injury or property damage caused to any third party.
Personal accident insurance: This insurance type is provided to protect your health and safety. Accident insurance will cover expenses such as emergency treatment, physical examinations, hospitalization expenses and other costs such as travel costs.

Should you buy personal accident insurance in addition to health insurance and motorbike insurance?

Although many of us are equipped with health insurance and motorbike insurance, however, these two types of insurance have several limitations when accidents occur.
Health insurance only covers costs associated with the use of medicines and treatment regimens included in the insurance list. Even when you have health insurance, you would still have to pay for medical expenses that are not included in the insurance coverage. On the other hand, motorbike insurance only covers situations where you are responsible for injury and property damage caused to a third party.
With complicated traffic situations and expensive medical expenses in Vietnam, health insurance and motorbike insurance are not enough to fully protect yourself from every potential risk and accident that can occur on the street. Therefore, protecting yourself with personal accident insurance in addition to health insurance and motorbike insurance will help to overcome the above limitations and minimize the effects of potential risks. Personal accident insurance will help to pay for expenses that are not fully covered by health insurance. In cases the insured participants pass away, the entire amount of money would still be returned to the relevant beneficiary.

Personal accident insurance from Sun Life

To bring you peace of mind and protect you from potential risks and accidents, personal accident insurance from Sun Life offers several benefits, including:
– Affordable fee from 450 VND to 1.300 VND/day
– Protect the insured parties 24/7 for 365 days from the day the insurance is purchased
– Cover up to 600 millions VND for motorbike accidents and up to 300 millions VND for other accidents  
– Cover up to 300.000 VND/day for medical cost support for hospitalization due to accidents
Sun Life offers 3 different personal accident insurance packages to meet different needs and budget, including: Value Package, Pro Package and Smart Package. If you are a Timo cardholder, you can easily buy your personal accident insurance package online right in the Timo app.
It is never too early to start an investment in your health and safety. With the right personal insurance package, you can proactively manage your financial situation in every potential accident that can occur. Hopefully this article will help you to make the right choice for yourself.

Are you planning to explore a new destination this summer? If you are, don’t forget that your trip with be more well-prepared if you are planning to bring a credit card with you. Below are some of the main reasons why you would want to have a credit card with you during your overseas trip.

1/ Settling payments fast and easy  

A new destination means new experiences and things that you are not familiar with. As things are unfamiliar, sometimes it is likely that you can also face problems with payments, transactions and use of foreign currencies.

A credit card will act as a replacement of cash and help you to pay everything needed for your trip, from airline tickets, hotel reservations to bills at service providers allowing credit cards as a payment method. A credit card will help you to prevent the above problems and give you more time to prepare as well as enjoy your trip.

2/ Minimizing loss of physical cash

Neither of us would want to bring a large amount of physical cash with us during the trip and accidentally lose it. Hence, if you bring a credit card and a small amount of cash, the effects of these potential incidents will be limited and financial losses can be significantly reduced. Even in cases when you accidentally lose your credit cards, you can always inform your bank to have your card locked and prevent your money from being stolen.
Credit cards are also more useful in situations when you want to change your schedule or have unexpected expenses during your trip as you can still use your approved credit limit to pay off these expenses.  

3/ Helping you to save time and money through special offers

Bookings made with a credit card can also be done fast and easy on the Internet. Many travel-related booking platforms usually have special offers for Visa/Mastercard credit cards. This will help you to save some money on the budget that you already allocated for accommodation.


Although credit cards can bring a high degree of convenience to your overseas trip, a few incidents can still occur if you don’t know how to use your credit cards properly. Some incidents that can happen include: your credit card is not accepted in the country you are travelling to, your card is damaged or expired, etc. To avoid these incidents from happening, make sure you do the following before your trip:

  • Check the expiry date of your credit card
  • Find out the credit cards that are commonly accepted as a payment method in the country you are travelling to
  • Prepare two credit cards to make sure you always have a backup plan

To avoid having problems with your hotel or transportation reservations, try to settle these payments at least one day in advance to have them processed promptly.
Additionally, don’t forget that overseas money withdrawal from your credit card comes with a high charged fee. Find out how much your bank would charge for this beforehand and save the bank’s overseas contact information for support when needed.
Find out more about Timo Mastercard and its smart features here. You can check if you are qualified and apply for a Timo Mastercard right in the Timo app. Make it more of a hassle-free summer trip with the support of your credit card!

Costs are often used as a travel scale for many people. Some of us usually plan a budget holiday by prioritizing ways to cut down as much costs as possible. However, a holiday is meant to bring you enjoyment and relaxation, and having a budget holiday does not necessarily rely on how much costs you are able to cut down. Planning a budget holiday sometimes relies on how well you can manage your costs and how to make the most out of the budget that you have.
Below are 7 tips from us to help you properly plan a budget holiday.

1/ Explore travel & tourism sites

Independent travel is commonly favored due to the flexibility of time and visited destinations, as well as the freedom to explore in your own way. If you are unsure about where to start and places you should visit, take advantage of all those available travel and tourism sites on the Internet to get yourself a wealth of useful information, including: top destinations to visit, travel experiences, transportation, attractive deals, etc.
Some of the most well-known online travel guides are: TripAdvisor, World Travel Guide, Lonely Planet, etc.

2/ Make the most out of discounts and special offers


The second secret to a budget holiday is to make the most out of all the discounts and special offers offered by travel-related service providers. Airlines, hotels, tour agencies, etc. often offer special offers and discounts a few months to a year in advance. Hence, you should plan your holiday in advance to make the most out of these deals.
Additionally, you should also do some research about the destination and places with special promotions for tourists at that destination prior to your trip.

3/ Choose the right travel time to save costs

You might not know but time is one of the crucial factors that can help you save costs effectively. Flight tickets and accommodation prices often vary depending on date and time. For instance, flight tickets are often cheaper from Tuesday to Thursday compared to the period between Friday and Monday. Similarly, accommodation prices are also higher during peak periods such as Christmas, summer, other public holidays, etc.

4/ Save with your smartphone

Technology is one of the useful companions for those who travel oftenly. With a smartphone connected to the Internet, you can easily own several different travel-related applications that can you help arrange a reasonable travel schedule while maximizing time and costs that you can save. Airbnb and are currently two of the most well-known accommodation booking platforms in the world that allow you to find the accommodation you want at an affordable price.
For those who love meeting up and getting to know new people, CouchSurfing is an ideal platform. It connects travelers with a global network of people willing to help others have a truly social experience during their trips.

5/ Start saving for your holiday early

After deciding on your destination and holiday time, a savings account dedicated to your trip is what you need. Save a certain amount of money every month to have enough for your holiday in time.
If you have a Timo account, you can start saving for your trip with Timo Goal Save and its automatic recurring contribution feature. Find out more about Timo Goal Save here.

6/ Travel cashless with a credit card


Keeping the money safe is always one of the top concerns for travelers. While exploring a new destination, you will also probably face different problems in making payments, using foreign currencies, etc. This is why a credit card would be a perfect solution for people travelling abroad.
Owning a credit card means that you would not have to bring as much physical cash and always have to make sure you do not lose your money. Your credit card is completely capable of being a replacement for cash and helping you to settle payments for everything, from airline tickets, hotel reservations to bill payment at shops, restaurants, coffee shops or any other service provider accepting credit card as a payment method.

7/ Experience the local culture of your destination

A memorable holiday often involves living like locals and getting to know their culture and traditions. Not only does this bring you unique memories but also helps you to save costs.
These 7 tips above will help you to have a budget holiday while maximizing opportunities to explore and unique experiences. Start using them now to have more of a memorable holiday this summer!

The preparation process is significantly important to organize a memorable holiday with your family, friends or loved one. A holiday with no financial problems and unexpected issues needed to be addressed will surely be more of a pleasant experience to anyone. If you are planning an overseas trip this upcoming summer, don’t forget that Timo can help you to prepare for your trip better.
Find out how Liberty Insurance and Timo Mastercard can help you have more of a safe and pleasant trip in the following article.

1/ Protect yourself with travel insurance from Liberty Insurance

In the process of planning and preparation, one of the things you need to think about is how to prevent and solve potential risks and issues. Luggage loss, illness, loss of money or personal documents are a few incidents that may occur during your overseas trip. With the support and protection of travel insurance, these incidents can easily cause dramatic financial losses.
Therefore, before packing your suitcase, get yourself and your love one a prestigious and trusted travel insurance package to prevent those potential incidents. With a goal to provide you with trustworthy products and a high degree of convenience, we partner with Liberty Insurance you the peace of mind you deserve on every overseas trip.

To make it easier for you to choose a travel insurance package suitable for your financial ability, Liberty TravelCare insurance is divided into 3 packages, including: Classic, Executive and Premier. Although they are 3 different packages, they all bring comprehensive protection against such risks as:
Overseas and local medical treatment expenses for illnesses and accidental bodily injuries
Overseas compassionate visit
Trip cancellation or postponement
Loss of or damage to baggage or personal effects
Loss of money or travel documents
Loss of or damage to the household contents in Vietnam residence due to fire
Qualification criterias to apply for Liberty Insurance are pretty simple as they are applied for all Timo cardholders. As long as you are a Vietnamese National or a foreigner with a valid residence card in Vietnam and are not over 75 years of age, you can buy whichever travel insurance package you want right in the Timo app.
Find out more about Liberty Insurance here.

2/ Apply for a Timo Mastercard to enjoy a cashless holiday

To enhance your peace of mind during the upcoming overseas holiday, besides getting travel insurance, get yourself a multifunctional credit card to enjoy a cashless holiday. Owning a credit card means you will not need to worry about bringing as much physical cash with you and having to be cautious about it all the time.

If you are already a Timo customer, don’t forget that you can apply for a Timo Mastercard for your upcoming trip right in the app. For those who are unsure that they can be qualified for a Timo Mastercard through another existing credit card or opening a Term Deposit of 20 millions VND, you can start maintain an average balance in your Timo Spend Account to be qualified for your Timo Mastercard. Specifically, to qualify, you need to maintain an average balance of 2 millions VND over the nearest 3 months. Hence, to get a credit card for your summer holiday on August, you need to start maintaining your Spend Account balance now or at the beginning of April at the latest.
Learn more about qualification criterias for Timo Mastercard here.
Owning a credit card also means that you will not need to gather a lot of money for your upcoming trip as the credit limit of Timo Mastercard can get up to 100 millions VND. Equally, you can also enjoy your holiday more without having to worry that the more transactions you make with your card, the higher the interest you will have to pay. This is because your first 44 days of spending with Timo Mastercard is completely interest fee. Additionally, the first annual fee associated with your Timo Mastercard will also be free after you have 3 transactions of 300.000 VND each made within 30 days of card issuance.

As you can see, Liberty Insurance and Timo Mastercard can easily be applied for right in the Timo app. We bring these convenience to you so you can easily have the right tools and support you need for your upcoming overseas trips. Give yourself a cashless holiday and don’t forget to protect yourself & your loved ones against potential risks to have more of an unforgettable trip.