What’s your true color?

When you think of Timo Digital Bank, you probably remember our signature Purple. And we love our Timo purple that stands for ambition and wealth but there are so many more colors, shades and hues. So why settle for just one color.

That’s what made us realize that like colors, our customers have so many different needs, wants and values – and with our mission to help every customer enjoy banking with no hassle & joy, we thought it’s time to change our look to reflect you in your journey  to financial freedom.

Our 4 colors include: Timo Purple as you know, Royal Blue, Rebel Orange & Gold Rush.

Timo Purple reflects your aspiration for wealth and success, which Timo’s want to empower you to achieve  Royal Blue symbolizes your wish to be a reliable & trustworthy person, which Timo’s secure banking platform aims to provide for you. Rebel Orange represents your bold & rebellious spirit, where Timo’s innovative solutions can propel you to live life your way. Gold Rush stands for your passion &  joyfulness, which we hope with Timo Digital Bank’s simple & easy to use App can bring a smile to your face everyday 

So what’s your favorite color?

The Timo purple story

Timo is the pioneering digital bank in Vietnam and Timo has the vision to empower personal finance for everyone to have a better life in Vietnam. Just like an entrepreneur, who wants to build a sustainable and better world by recycling plastics to create something wonderful, Timo Digital Bank aspires to create a completely unique Vietnamese brand – A brand that recognizes our customers ambitions and overcomes obstacles  to empower financial success for themselves and those around them . 

Find your inner Timo Purple our Partner Products (VinaCapital mutual funds), our Term Deposit even in our Timo Credit Card to set you in motion.

The Royal Blue story

Using Timo Digital Bank means you put your faith & your money in our care and this motivates us to constantly improve our banking systems to assure you that your assets are secure & safe with us. Just like a hard working Chef, who is fiercely attentive to details and carefully combines ingredients to create heartwarming dishes, that never lets you down so too Timo will continue to be the reliable, transparent secure partner for our customers on their plan to financial stability

Find your inner Royal Blue in our Security features (iOTP, Lock/Unlock Card), our saving products with the competitive interest rate which help you to grow your wealth safely

The Rebel orange story

6 years ago, who could think that digital banks were the new normal way of banking? And Timo Digital Bank was revolutionary in paving the way for this new era of banking that stood out from the traditional forms of financial management. We see the boldness in our customers who are Startups and uber hipsters like a Tattooed up Barber, who is confident to make a difference and follows his own path for greatness – one slick haircut at a time. Timo Digital Bank is inspired to continue to be innovative & bold and offer our customers bespoke solutions that drive their fearless goals for financial health

Find your inner Rebel Orange with our innovative products (Credit Card Installments, Pay Anyone) or in some smart features such as Payment Request, Split Term Deposit, Add Payee.

The Gold rush story

Why spend hours banking when you should be doing things you love and that bring a smile to your face and make you happy? Enter Timo – We aim to make banking joyful, simple & hassles free so that people can enjoy living life! We see the joy and laughter in our customers who appreciate life, like a young Vlogger who is passionate and searches for any opportunity to spread love and good cheer through her experiences. Timo is focused on being a delightful banking partner and friend that’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of all our customers with our simple, convenient and valuable solutions  Find your Gold Rush with our simple, yet important products of Timo Digital Bank (Spend Account, Timo Debit Card) or features (Invite friend, eKYC, Move Money, Share Bank details)