Timo Digital Bank sponsors VBA Saigon Heat 2022

Timo Digital Bank and the VBA Professional 3×3 Basketball Tournament hope to together carry out a mission of connecting and spreading a love of basketball.

On May 7 and 8 at the Youth Cultural House, the Vietnam Professional 3×3 Basketball Tournament, organized by the Vietnam Basketball Association (VBA), took place, with U/20 and Professional categories.

This year, together with other brands accompanying Vietnamese basketball, such as Viet Capital Bank, Audi, and Nova World Phan Thiet, Timo, a pioneer in social banking and sustainable growth, was the main sponsor of the VBA Professional 3×3 Basketball Tournament. With similarities in vision, mission, and growth direction, Timo joined the VBA to popularize 3×3 basketball, connecting and spreading a love of basketball through urban culture.

The VBA 3×3 tournament was held just before the 31st SEA Games, in which Vietnam is honoured to be the host country. Therefore, not only does this mark the first professional 3×3 tournament in Vietnam but also a training opportunity for the national team to win medals at the SEA Games and bring glory to Vietnam.

Mr. Jonas Eichhorst, Director and CFO of Timo Digital Bank, told VnEconomy about the mission of “Accompanying the VBA on its creative journey and setting new benchmarks in Vietnam and beyond.”

Ông Jonas Eichhorst – Thành viên HĐQT, Phó Tổng Giám đốc phụ trách Tài chính, Ngân hàng số Timo
Mr. Jonas Eichhorst – Director & CFO of Timo Digital Bank – Source: Timo

Why did Timo choose to accompany the VBA and become the main sponsor of the 3×3 Basketball Tournament?

We chose to work with the VBA because we can see consistency and similarities in vision, mission, and growth orientation. The orange colour in Timo’s logo represents the spirit of Innovation and Boldness, which are also the values the VBA is pursuing on its journey. The 3×3 Basketball Tournament is a completely new form of competition in Vietnam, and the VBA had to overcome barriers and breakthrough limits, showing its determination to promote urban culture.

Timo is also always improving its products and services every day so we can deliver outstanding experiences, helping customers stay on top of their finances and live the best life possible. Therefore, we are honoured to work with the VBA to spread a love of basketball among the young and build a stronger foundation for Vietnamese basketball, establishing new benchmarks and achieving bigger goals in Vietnam and beyond.

3×3 Basketball – An urban cultural sport was developed and popularized in Vietnam by VBA – Source: Timo

Is sponsoring sports and, more specifically, basketball, part of Timo’s social banking efforts?

Sports in general and basketball, in particular, are great people connectors. Not until recent years has the World Basketball Federation (FIBA) focused on 3×3 Basketball. With just half a court, one hoop, and three players on each team, exciting games can be held anytime, anywhere. That simplicity has helped 3×3 basketball quickly creep into every corner and become part of urban sports culture. With its contribution and support, Timo Digital Bank hopes that more and more 3×3 games will be held in both the professional and amateur forms nationwide, making 3×3 basketball a cultural connector and bringing basketball closer to sports lovers.

A commitment to a prosperous and sustainable community is a similarity in the growth directions of both Timo and the VBA.

Is Timo’s participation part of the strategy that “Digital banks do not need a branch network but still need to be present everywhere”?

Most customers are used to the fact that every time they need to use financial services, they will have to go to a bank branch. As a digital bank with the ambition of setting new benchmarks for modern banking, this starts from the smallest changes in mindset to meet all of the demands of our customers. To achieve this, the first principle is that Timo be present at all “touchpoints”, through online platforms, and be present in the most genuine way in the daily lives of customers.

The image of Timo alongside 3×3 basketball courts filled with energy and passion all around the country is the fastest way we can reach the hearts of the community as well as global sports lovers.

While the message from VBA is “Basketball we all love”, what is the message from Timo Digital Bank?

One main goal is securing “true love” from customers. First is to win their attention, then make sure they trust and respect what we are doing, and finally understand the value we bring. Then, customers will fall in love and engage with Timo.

The VBA tournament’s message is “Basketball we all love”, with a desire to spread a love of basketball among young people nationwide. As a pioneering social bank with sustainable growth, Timo hopes its support of this first 3×3 tournament will ensure it is a great success and become an annual event, taking Vietnamese basketball to world-class levels.