The Timo app has upgraded the app on both iOS and Android platforms this July. Here are the new features you can look forward to, so don’t forget to update your app if you haven’t already!
1. Simplified investing powered by VinaCapital

The earlier you start investing, the more your money grows. Take advantage of the power of compounded interest.
VinaCapital has been investing in Vietnam for 15 years and has an established track record of delivering superior returns to both international and Vietnamese investors. VinaCapital offers multiple funds with different risk and return profiles that meet a range of investor needs.
You can start investing right now in the Timo app with a minimum investment of only VND 2,000,000.
2. Scan QR Code to add a payee

Forget the old way of adding a payee via their email address, account number or card number. Now you just need to scan any existing Timo members QR code and add them as a payee!
To try this, look for the QR code icon on the top right corner of the Mobile app and scan your friend’s QR code. You can also see your own QR code to show it or screenshot and send it to a friend that uses Timo for them to add you. Reminder this only works for existing Timo customers.
3. Leave us feedback right in the Timo app

Timo has also introduced a new feature called “Feedback” that allows users to give feedback or ask questions right in the Timo app. All you need to do is click on the Feedback section under the main menu of the App.
Looking for some quick answers about our products and services?  Click on the FAQ section to find almost anything related to Timo products.
4. Others updates 
To enhance the customer experience, we have also updated a few other features:

  • Payment request dashboard: To remind you right on the home screen of the app, of any pending payment requests.
  • Menu rearranged: To provide you with a better  user experience