This October, Timo Digital Bank is releasing the latest application update. This 2.7 version promises to explode with all the fascinating new features that you’ve never seen before on any banking app!  

So what’s new in this version? 

Don’t just send money, send emotions as well! 

Have you ever imagined of sending emotions with a transaction? Well now it’s all possible with Timo 2.7 version.  

You can type in full Vietnamese messages and emojis as much as you like for bank transfer messages between you & Timo Friends. This is the very first time a bank allows you to experience this fun with transactions!  

You can also interact with transaction from Timo Friends as simple as any Facebook post. You’re just one tap away from reacting with ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘haha’!  

Instantly check transaction history between 2 accounts  

Ever need to see if you’ve sent money to your buddy? You’ll never have to “swim” among long history list of transactions with everyone anymore.  

With our Smart History, save more time to review transaction history! 

Require precise transaction amount with Dynamic QR 

We know you will need to require transactions with specific amount of money, it’s all possible with our Dynamic QR!  

No more typing in wrong information of bank account or money number, just scan and send in seconds with Dynamic QR. 

 Card requesting right in-app!  

Do you know that with Timo Debit card, you could:  

  • Withdraw money at 17.000++ ATM nationwide.  
  • Free all possible fees that normal banks still charge. 
  • Or even better, connect to 2 more E-wallet Moca & ShopeePay! 

Haven’t receive yours? Don’t worry, you just need 01 seconds send request right from the Timo App.  

Update your Timo app now and enjoy all the greatest upgrade with your banking experience!