1. Duration of the promotion:

From 1 August 2019 till the end of 31 August 2019.

2. Location:

Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho

3. Who can participate?

–  The campaign is only applicable to current Vietnamese Timo customers, who either own a Timo Debit Card or Timo Mastercard
– Lifestyle Project Management Vietnam employees, Lifestyle Project Management Vietnam partners and associates are not eligible for this program.

4. Terms & Conditions for rewards: 

i) E-voucher eligibility:

Current customers who meet the following qualification criteria will receive the following rewards:
– Customers will get a 100.000 VND Shopee e-voucher from VinaCapital if they successfully open an investment account with the minimum amount of 2.000.000 VND via the Timo app by 31 August 2019.

(ii) Rewards:

– Qualified customers can redeem the following reward: 100.000 VND e-voucher from VinaCapital.
– Customers can check the e-voucher’s details, instructions, applicable locations (with detailed address) and specific expiration date on the digital voucher once received.

(iii) How to participate?

During the promotional period, existing Timo customers can open a new VinaCapital investment account via the Timo app to participate on this promotion. This is available for the first 180 customers who invest in VinaCapital only.

(iv) How will you get the e-voucher?

– Announcement procedure: Timo will send an email confirmation to the registered email address provided by the qualified customer when opening their Timo account within 15 (fifteen) days from 31 August 2019.
– VinaCapital will send the e-vouchers to qualified customers within 30 (thirty) days from 31 August 2019.

v) Resolving complaints:

– For complaints related to the delivery of e-vouchers, complaints shall be sent from the customer’s registered email address to care@timo.vn with all related information and images.
– For complaints arising from the usage of e-vouchers, complaints shall be sent directly to VinaCapital as follows:
VinaCapital: 028 3821 9930
– Complaints need to be sent within 10 working days after the date that the customer receives the email confirmation regarding the e-voucher from Timo. Any complaint sent after this period of time will not be resolved.
– Complaints will be resolved within 7 working dates.

vi) Other notes about Voucher rewards: 

– Shopee voucher codes from VinaCapital are available to be claimed and used until the end of 08 October 2019.
– E-vouchers offered under this promotion are non-exchangeable for cash. For each e-voucher type, each customer will receive one e-voucher (one electronic redemption card) and will not be able to redeem another.

vii) Rewards will not given in these below cases:

– In case the customer refuses the reward, the rewards will be canceled.
– In case customers open a Timo account but do not complete the required steps to qualify during the promotion period.
– Customers do not coordinate, work and comply with the procedures and process of giving rewards in accordance with the regulations of the Organizing Committee.
– Due to the limited rewards, rewards are given to first-come-first-served customers. If the Organizing Committee is out of rewards, the following customers will not receive these gifts from Timo. For gifts from VinaCapital, there is a specifc number of limited rewards as shown below:
1. The additional 100.000 VND Shopee e-voucher from VinaCapital will be given to the first 180 investors opening their investment accounts by 31 August 2019.
2. This voucher is only applicable for 1 investment made by a customer during the promotion period.
– The program may end sooner than expected.
– In case customers misrepresent/miscommunicate the promotion in order to manipulate others to open Timo accounts and this behavior is caught/reported by the participants or the Organizing Comittee.

5. Other regulations

– This promotion program can be applied in occurrence with other promotion programs from Timo.
– By participating in this promotion program, customers are bound to accept all Terms and Conditions of the program, all the amendments (if any) and all the Terms and Conditions of the Timo ATM Debit card and Timo Spend Account.
– By participating in this promotion program, customers are bound to accept that Timo has the right to use any image, information or document that is related to reward receivers for communication and marketing purposes of Timo, without having to pay the reward receivers any extra fee.
– Reward receivers are bound to receive their reward at the location instructed by Timo. The following fees are not included in the reward and will not be paid by Timo: transportation fee, accommodation fee, registration fee, transfer fee and other related fees or taxes.
– Participants are responsible for paying Personal Income Tax and other fees if incurred later. Participants are bound to follow the rules and regulations, any procedure required to receive the reward from Timo.
– Timo is fully responsible for managing the printing process, the accuracy of the proof of reward redemption and circulating the proof of reward redemption in the promotion. In cases the proof of reward redemption issued by Timo caused a misunderstanding to the customers, Timo is still responsible for providing the reward in accordance with the regulations. The promotion must be fair and transparent.
– The decision of the Organizing Committee for the reward to new customers or any fraudulent activity uncovered is final.
– The promotion rules may change to suit participants. Nevertheless, the timeline & rewards will not be changed or reduced from those rules previously announced. Any amendments which shall occur will be informed publicly on Timo’s social channels/ website and directly through emails.
– By participating in this program, Customer accepts all of the Terms and Conditions listed in this Policy and any changes to this program (if applicable), as well as all as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Timo membership agreement.
– Timo is not responsible if there are any cases of force majeure which occur at the time of the promotion program which result in inaccuracy for any transactions.
– For cases where the organizers have uncovered fraudulent behavior conducted by the promotion participants or have engaged in illegal profiteering or affected Timo’s reputation, the Organizing Committee will disqualify the participant from receiving the reward without notice.
– E-vouchers offered under this promotion are non-exchangeable for cash. For each e-voucher type, each customer will receive one e-voucher (one electronic redemption card) from Timo and will not be able to redeem another.
– The redemption of the e-voucher received by the customer depends on current regulations of VinaCapital.
– For cases where program participants have committed frauds that the organizers have discovered, or have committed unlawful profiteering or compromised the reputation of Timo, the Organizing Committee will cancel the opportunity. The e-gift voucher will not be issued to the offender without prior notice.
– In case of disputes related to this promotion program, the Organizing Committee is responsible to resolve this directly with the disputer. If there is no mutual agreement, this issue will be dealt with in accordance with the current laws of Vietnam.

For cases/problems related to the terms & conditions of the program, please contact:

Timo Care: 18006788 (toll free)
Email: care@timo.vn
Fanpage: facebook.com/yourtimo

For cases/problems related to the usage of vouchers, please contact:

VinaCapital: 028 3821 9930

Timo Hangout Locations:

– 194 D E Pasteur, District 3, HCMC
– 17 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi
– 209 Street 30/4, Xuan Khanh Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho
– 43 – 45 Nguyen Van Linh, Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
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