Should you buy personal accident insurance even when you already have health insurance and motorbike insurance? We will help you to answer the above question in the following article.

What is the role of each insurance type?

Health insurance: When you have health insurance, a part of your medical treatments will be paid by the insurance provider. Health insurance is provided to protect its participants from financial reserves arisen from inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Motorbike insurance: This form of insurance provides financial protection in cases of accidents and damages happening to those who own and use motorbikes as a means of support. Motorbike insurance also includes liability insurance in case you are liable for injury or property damage caused to any third party.
Personal accident insurance: This insurance type is provided to protect your health and safety. Accident insurance will cover expenses such as emergency treatment, physical examinations, hospitalization expenses and other costs such as travel costs.

Should you buy personal accident insurance in addition to health insurance and motorbike insurance?

Although many of us are equipped with health insurance and motorbike insurance, however, these two types of insurance have several limitations when accidents occur.
Health insurance only covers costs associated with the use of medicines and treatment regimens included in the insurance list. Even when you have health insurance, you would still have to pay for medical expenses that are not included in the insurance coverage. On the other hand, motorbike insurance only covers situations where you are responsible for injury and property damage caused to a third party.
With complicated traffic situations and expensive medical expenses in Vietnam, health insurance and motorbike insurance are not enough to fully protect yourself from every potential risk and accident that can occur on the street. Therefore, protecting yourself with personal accident insurance in addition to health insurance and motorbike insurance will help to overcome the above limitations and minimize the effects of potential risks. Personal accident insurance will help to pay for expenses that are not fully covered by health insurance. In cases the insured participants pass away, the entire amount of money would still be returned to the relevant beneficiary.

Personal accident insurance from Sun Life

To bring you peace of mind and protect you from potential risks and accidents, personal accident insurance from Sun Life offers several benefits, including:
– Affordable fee from 450 VND to 1.300 VND/day
– Protect the insured parties 24/7 for 365 days from the day the insurance is purchased
– Cover up to 600 millions VND for motorbike accidents and up to 300 millions VND for other accidents  
– Cover up to 300.000 VND/day for medical cost support for hospitalization due to accidents
Sun Life offers 3 different personal accident insurance packages to meet different needs and budget, including: Value Package, Pro Package and Smart Package. If you are a Timo cardholder, you can easily buy your personal accident insurance package online right in the Timo app.
It is never too early to start an investment in your health and safety. With the right personal insurance package, you can proactively manage your financial situation in every potential accident that can occur. Hopefully this article will help you to make the right choice for yourself.