The first digital bank in Vietnam, Timo has become one of the sponsors accompanying the “Build On, Vietnam 2021” programme, an intellectual playground for students who love to explore cloud computing technology in Vietnam.

At the opening ceremony of the “Build On, Vietnam 2021” held on July 15, Nguyen Quang Minh, deputy CEO, Partnership at Timo said that the event welcomes programmers who are passionate about cloud computing technology, innovation, and technology solutions to solve sponsors’ and judges challenges.

The “Build On, Vietnam 2021” programme is a hackathon organised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in collaboration with VnDXE.

“With the long-term goal of becoming one of the best banks in Vietnam, Timo quickly understood the importance of digital transformation and embracing the cloud – an inevitable technology trend for the financial sector,” Minh said.

Nguyen Quang Minh, Deputy CEO, Partnership of Timo Digital Bank at the opening ceremony

Attending the opening ceremony were Tran Van Tung, deputy minister of Science and Technology; Tang Ngoc Truong An, general director of VnDXE; Ha Hai Nam, deputy director of the Vietnam National Institute of Software and Digital Content Industry; Nguyen Minh Hong, chairman of Vietnam Digital Communications Association; as well as representatives from AWS and partners accompanying the programme.

With a vision to become a friendly, creative, and ideal workplace, Timo is fostering, training, and developing young talents in the company and other young people who love technology and choose to work in the financial sector. In the next 5-10 years, the Vietnamese market will have many talented and experienced young people who can meet the strong development and increasing competition in the Vietnamese market.

Partners & Sponsors of “Build On, Vietnam 2021”

Sharing at the event, Julian Lau, Public Sector Emerging Markets Development manager at AWS said that when schools switch to online learning during the pandemic, using online attendance systems or streaming a video lecture means the student has used cloud computing. Cloud computing is the backend infrastructure, supporting many apps and platforms such as Zoom, Netflix, and Twitch.

Besides commercial companies, cloud computing is also widely used in the public sector such as educational institutions, government agencies, and healthcare organisations which use cloud technology to solve public challenges and build a framework for smart city development.

“We provide students with the opportunity to experience cloud computing and use it to make a positive impact on the community with the power of technology,” said Lau. “As a result, AWS is excited to announce the launch of ‘Build On, Vietnam 2021’, a competitive exam that challenges students to create technological innovations and solutions to address the challenges which the sponsors are facing. We hope students will utilise services from virtual machines, IoT, AI, machine learning, and databases to create innovative solutions that can contribute to the digitisation of cloud computing in Vietnam with AWS,” he added

“Build on, Vietnam 2021” is a hackathon organized by Amazon Website Service in collaboration with VnDXE