Your Timo Mastercard comes loaded with benefits this June 2018. We’re happy to announce our latest offer with Wisepass – Just spend 5 million VND on your Timo Mastercard and you will get a 2 weeks Free Wisepass Membership worth VND 3 million that can be redeemed in Hanoi. But there are limited voucher codes available so hurry, the first 500 customers to qualify will win.




1. What is Wisepass membership?

WisePass is a membership that allows you to get 1 free beverage or set lunch / dinner everyday in more than 46 exclusive venues in Hanoi. Usually priced at 6 million VND for 30 days, with Timo, this 15 day membership could be yours absolutely free. The membership entitles you to get 1 free beverage as per the list of available beverages per venue or a lunch / dinner everyday!

Wisepass brands

Brands in Wisepass membership network 

See the full list here


2. Exclusive deal for Timo Mastercard holder 

  • Valid between: 24/05/2018 – 30/06/2018 for all Timo Mastercard holders
  • Location of use: Can be redeemed in Hanoi only
  • The Offer: Spend VND 5 million on your Timo Mastercard between the promotion period and get a FREE 02 weeks Wisepass Membership worth 3,000,000 VND.
  • Benefits of a Wisepass membership include :
    1 set lunch or 1 beverage/day
    46+ Venues in Hanoi only

How to get the voucher?

Timo will send the voucher code to the first 500 qualified customers via email linked to their Timo account within 7 days after the campaign ending day: 30/06/2018 ( voucher code is valid till 31/08/2018)

How to activate your trial Wisepass membership:

Please See here for step by step of how to redeem your 2 week of free Wisepass membership.

For all questions or concerns related to voucher redemption or Wisepass service, please contact Wisepass at:


Hotline: 0942962218

3.Important notes:

  • Don’t forget to cancel your Wisepass membership before your 2 weeks trials expiration date if you do not wish to renew it to avoid an auto renewal charge of  6,000,000 VND on your Timo Mastercard. You can quickly cancel your membership in 3 quick steps as the guideline here

  • The offer cannot be combined with any other promotion programs from Wisepass
  • The offer only applies for Wisepass venues in Hanoi and cannot be used in any other province or country.
  • It is applicable for existing  and new Timo Mastercard customer from 24/05/2018 till 30/06/2018
  • Due to its limited number, the voucher will be sent to the first 500 qualified customers.


timo mastercard vector



About Timo Mastercard

Enjoy 45 days interest free, no annual fee for first year, flexible credit limits and simple application process.  View more in details

WisePass is a membership that allows you to get 1 free bottle or set lunch / dinner everyday in more than 65 restaurants and bars in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Usually priced at 6 million VND for 30 days, with Timo, a 15 day membership could be yours absolutely free. The  membership entitles you to get some any regular spirit or wine of your choice or a lunch / dinner everyday!


Begin to redeem your 2 weeks free Wisepass Membership:

Step 1:  Download Wisepass mobile application App Store hoặc Google Play

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