At Timo, we take pride in maintaining the confidentiality of customers’ information as well as the integrity in our financial activities. Over the past 2 years, Timo and it’s partner VPBank have invested heavily in updating it’s technology systems, tightening business processes and developing customer information security policies.
However, recently, we have noticed some phishing emails claiming to be secure messages sent from VPBank to some Timo customers instructing them to further secure their Credit cards, Debit cards and current accounts by providing card information using a website link. We’ve immediately worked with VP Bank to implement radical containment measures and continue to implement advanced measures to prevent similar incidents.
This does not affect the operation of Timo systems as well as customers’ transactions. So far, we have not received any reports about the effects of aforementioned phishing e-mails incident.
In case you suspect any fraudulent activity on your accounts or cards,  please lock your card in the Timo App immediately or contact our Timo Care hotline at 18006788.
To lock your card in app, Go to Menu > Click “Manage cards” > select card you wish to lock > select “Lock this card”
At Timo, we will NEVER ask for you to provide any security-related information like Card Number, Account Number, Username, Password, CVV number etc pertaining to your Debit Card, Credit Card or Bank Account either via email or a phone call, so here are some important points to remember to protect yourself in the future.

  • Do not provide security information like login details, account number, credit card number, debit card number, ATM card number, date of issue, expiration date, CCV / CVV, OTP to anyone, including bank staff
  • Do not log into strange sites or suspected strange sites

Refer to VPBanks’ website for more details