We would like to inform you of our Timo Hangout and Timo Care working schedule on 08, 09 and 10 November as follows:

08, 09 & 10 November

All Timo Hangouts will remain closed and Timo’s Hotline will be unavailable during this time. Please see the specific Timo Hangout closure timings as follows:


  • We will be closed early on 

Closing date: 18:00 —  8.11.2019 

  • Re-open date: 8:3011.11.2019 


  • Closing date: 9.11.2019 – 10.11.2019 
  • Re-open date: 8:3011.11.2019

If you have any issues or concerns, please send an email to care@timo.vn and we will get back to you at the earliest.

You can still enjoy uninterrupted service and use of the Timo app and my.timo.vn as usual.


– You can visit any local banks ATM to withdraw funds as you require without any fees. You can also access the Timo ATM located outside the Timo Hangout (HCM branch) as usual.

– If you want to deposit cash into your account we recommend you do this on or before the 08.11.2019 either via a CDM machine or through a bank transfer.

– We recommend that you deposit money into your account before the end of 08.11.2019 (before 12:00 noon through a bank transfer or before 18:00 via a CDM machines).

How to find CDMs around you? Choose CDM/ATM locator on the Menu bar from the Timo app.

– If you suspect that your card data may have been compromised or stolen, you can lock your card(s) immediately with the Quick Actions tray or via the Manage Cards section in the Timo app. Don’t forget to notify Timo immediately for prompt support.  

– Read other card safety guidelines here.