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Globally, 785 million people lack access to clean drinking water. Specifically, many people in Mekong Delta, Vietnam are suffering due to the climate changes.

In the celebration of Lunar New Year, with the wish to protect and improve the ecosystem in Mekong Delta, Timo is collaborating with GAIA, a nature reserve organization, to launch the project of planting mangroves in Ca Mau.


With one friend you refer to install and use Timo successfully, Timo will send a fund to GAIA to plant two mangroves on your behalf in Ca Mau National Forest.  

  1. How to join:
    When your friends download Timo app and register, please remember to fill in your referral code (Take your referral code)
  2. We will send a confirmation email, and GAIA will help us to plant and take care of these trees for us.
  3. Program duration: 17/01/2023 – 28/02/2023

  4. There is NO LIMIT to the number of trees that you can plant. The more friends you refer to, the bigger part of the forest you are planting.

Isn’t it amazing to start 2023 by planting some trees in the forest? Even a forest!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now, with Timo.

  • We will address all of your questions and concerns about this Project HERE
  • Information about GAIA
  • Register to get updates about the progress of Ca Mau Mangroves HERE


For any other support, please kindly:

  • Call our hotline 1800 6788 or 
  • Use the Live Chat in Timo app or 
  • Email us at or
Ms. Thu Tran - Timo Digital Bank Vice President of PR & Communications at the Top 100 Trusted Vietnam Products - Services 2022 Award. Source: Timo.

Hanoi, 7th December 2022, Vietnam Economic Times hosted a celebration for the Top 100 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 Awards. The event attracted the participation of many large and reputable enterprises of nine sectors in Vietnam, including Banking, Insurance, Securities; E-Commerce, Retail; Fintech, Digital Products, Education, and more. Timo is proudly featured in the TOP 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 for Banking – Insurance – Securities with the “Personal Financial Management Solution Package.”

Timo's Personal Financial Management Solution Package is recognized in VET's Top 10 Trusted Vietnam Products - Services 2022 for Banking - Insurance - Securities

“Personal Financial Management Solution Package” from Timo Digital Bank is listed among the TOP 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 for Banking – Insurance – Securities – Source: Timo.

In the past few years, the digital banking market in Vietnam has had a striking take up by consumers with impressive development speed, primarily motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As consumers eventually become familiar with online payment methods, the digital banking market is getting more exciting and fiercer, and many new players, even traditional banks, have begun to participate in the “digitalizing race.” Competitive pressure has emphasized the importance of building customer trust and confidence in digital financial services.


With 7 years of operating in Vietnam as the first and pioneering digital bank, Timo acknowledges that “Trust” is the most significant barrier for all players in this market. And by becoming an effective financial partner that always puts the customers at the heart of development, Timo has set itself apart from the digital banking landscape. The satisfaction and trust of the customer are the foundation for long-term loyalty to Timo.  

Based on that, the “Personal Financial Management Solution Package” includes MoneyPot, Goal Save, Term Deposit, Split Bills, and Expense Statements. With these features, customers can easily keep track of their spending habits, manage payment channels, manage all transactions, and adjust expenses to secure financial stability. As the “Personal Financial Management Solution Package” is widely trusted and used by many customers, Timo is honored to feature in the Top 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 for Banking – Insurance – Securities.

Ms. Thu Tran - Timo Digital Bank Vice President of PR & Communications at the Top 100 Trusted Vietnam Products - Services 2022 Award. Source: Timo.

Ms. Thu Tran – Timo Digital Bank Vice President of PR & Communications at the Top 100 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 Award. Source: Timo.

Ms. Thu Tran – Vice President of PR & Communications at Timo Digital Bank, shared: “It is genuinely an honor for Timo to be recognized in the Top 10 Trusted Vietnam Products – Services 2022 of Banking – Insurance – Securities along with many prestige enterprises. This Award will motivate Timo to constantly develop innovative products and services, be a reliable tool for customers’ financial journey, and continue pursuing our mission of setting benchmarks for modern banking.  

We are proud to be the first and pioneering digital bank to develop many creative innovations to give customers ground-breaking experiences. Thus, a competitive and prominent market will enhance many companies’ efforts in developing new products and services to fulfil customers’ expectations and requirements, offering them more solutions to best solve their problems.”


About Timo

Established in 2015, Timo was Vietnam’s first and pioneering digital banking platform. Since then, Timo has aspired to set the benchmark for modern banking in Vietnam and beyond.

During seven years of operations, Timo’s efforts have been recognized across multiple fronts, including being named The Best and Fastest Growing Digital Bank inside and outside of Vietnam for many consecutive years, awarded by many reputable organizations like Asia Money, The Global Economics. In 2021, Timo was named “Best Customer-Centric Digital Bank in Vietnam” by Global Brands Magazine and also recognized as HR Asia’s “Best Companies to work for in Asia 2021”. Timo has further achieved “Gold Quality Service for Consumers benefit 2022”, as well as being a part of the Top 50 FDI Enterprises in Vietnam in the category of “Leading Digital Banking Platform in Vietnam” in 2021 and “Pioneering social banking and sustainable growth” in 2022 by Golden Dragon Award.

As the pioneering digital bank in Vietnam, Covid propelled Timo to reposition themselves as social banking that focuses on connecting community & sustainable growth. As a result, in recent times, Timo has shown a strong commitment to every community they associate with, to always be an understanding friend, a long-term partner that could create emotional experiences in a way no bank has ever tapped into.

Mr. Jonas Eichhorst, Director and CFO of Timo Digital Bank shared: “Sports in general and basketball, in particular, are great people connectors. As the pioneering social bank and enabler of sustainable growth, we want people to stay on top of their financial needs, and help them feel connected, whether through features like payment requests or by bringing people together to learn more about managing their finances and how to live responsibly – especially for the younger generation. Our growth direction for Timo is deeply rooted in our commitment to a prosperous and sustainable community in the near future.”

All the success and excitement of the SEA Games 31 with Vietnam’s Men & Women Basketball team in the heat of Thanh Tri Stadium had brought Timo to consider the basketball community as our next challenge and build up to join Vietnamese basketball history.

SEA Games 31 is an essential milestone that witnesses one of the first steps of Vietnam’s basketball history-making journey – Cre: Timo

The story of “Defying the odds, Fuel your passion, Love the game you play”

Truong Twins – #11 Kayleigh Truong Thao My and #14 Kaylynne Truong Thao Vy are Vietnamese American twin sisters currently located in the United States. These two talented girls are among the minority of Asian American players to receive sports scholarships from Gonzaga University and now play for the team at NCAA Women.

During SEA Games 31, hosted by Vietnam, Truong Twins was a part of the women’s team and supported “making history” for the country’s basketball with a silver medal for the 3×3 games. From that moment, Thao My and Thao Vy have become idols that inspire young sports lovers, spreading the love for the orange ball and becoming fundamentals for the growth of national women’s basketball.

In the previous week, Truong Twins was proudly entitled to the shortlist of the 18 most influential names in US college basketball to become the Breaking Limits campaign ambassadors. Their mission is to continue spreading the message “Breaking Limits” and fuel young athletes to pursue their dreams and passions.

Truong Twins has created a positive and inspired young Vietnamese to live life to the fullest – Cre: Timo

Truong Twins Thao My – Thao Vy shared: “I love basketball because it is a universal sport. It gives us the chance to meet different people from different backgrounds. However, on our journeys, we also have to deal with adversity. So many people doubted us and said we didn’t belong and could fit in. But we wouldn’t be here, wouldn’t be the person or player we are today, without those obstacles.

We would like to see continued support from the fans. These past SEA Games show how much dedication these fans have. They showed up to the game early and supported both men and women, especially on the women’s side. We saw a huge fan base, so it just has the fan support to help us stay motivated. Moreover, we want to witness Vietnam compete at the highest level possible with FIBA 3×3 and 5×5 in the future.

We are excited to join Timo Digital Bank on this inspiring journey and have the chance to share the story of “Defying the odds, fuel your passion, love the game you play”. We look forward to seeing Vietnam’s basketball community grow and receive more attention. Thus we, the young generation, will continuously pursue the innovative, positive lifestyle to follow what they desire til success, then help create a more incredible Vietnam.”

Ms. Thu Tran – Vice President of PR & Communications, Timo Digital Bank said: “We are incredibly excited to witness that Truong Twins #11 Kayleigh Truong Thao My and #14 Kaylynne Truong Thao Vy are talented young athletes that reflect Timo’s 4 colour brand story and echo our core values in its truest form. Extending beyond just an “icon,” Truong Twins inspire the young Vietnamese generation to move towards a positive life, follow their dreams and play a critical role in supporting the upliftment of the Vietnamese women’s basketball scene. Timo is extremely proud to be a companion in this inspiring story!”

Timo Digital Bank sponsors VBA Saigon Heat 2022

Timo Digital Bank and the VBA Professional 3×3 Basketball Tournament hope to together carry out a mission of connecting and spreading a love of basketball.

On May 7 and 8 at the Youth Cultural House, the Vietnam Professional 3×3 Basketball Tournament, organized by the Vietnam Basketball Association (VBA), took place, with U/20 and Professional categories.

This year, together with other brands accompanying Vietnamese basketball, such as Viet Capital Bank, Audi, and Nova World Phan Thiet, Timo, a pioneer in social banking and sustainable growth, was the main sponsor of the VBA Professional 3×3 Basketball Tournament. With similarities in vision, mission, and growth direction, Timo joined the VBA to popularize 3×3 basketball, connecting and spreading a love of basketball through urban culture.

The VBA 3×3 tournament was held just before the 31st SEA Games, in which Vietnam is honoured to be the host country. Therefore, not only does this mark the first professional 3×3 tournament in Vietnam but also a training opportunity for the national team to win medals at the SEA Games and bring glory to Vietnam.

Mr. Jonas Eichhorst, Director and CFO of Timo Digital Bank, told VnEconomy about the mission of “Accompanying the VBA on its creative journey and setting new benchmarks in Vietnam and beyond.”

Ông Jonas Eichhorst – Thành viên HĐQT, Phó Tổng Giám đốc phụ trách Tài chính, Ngân hàng số Timo
Mr. Jonas Eichhorst – Director & CFO of Timo Digital Bank – Source: Timo

Why did Timo choose to accompany the VBA and become the main sponsor of the 3×3 Basketball Tournament?

We chose to work with the VBA because we can see consistency and similarities in vision, mission, and growth orientation. The orange colour in Timo’s logo represents the spirit of Innovation and Boldness, which are also the values the VBA is pursuing on its journey. The 3×3 Basketball Tournament is a completely new form of competition in Vietnam, and the VBA had to overcome barriers and breakthrough limits, showing its determination to promote urban culture.

Timo is also always improving its products and services every day so we can deliver outstanding experiences, helping customers stay on top of their finances and live the best life possible. Therefore, we are honoured to work with the VBA to spread a love of basketball among the young and build a stronger foundation for Vietnamese basketball, establishing new benchmarks and achieving bigger goals in Vietnam and beyond.

3×3 Basketball – An urban cultural sport was developed and popularized in Vietnam by VBA – Source: Timo

Is sponsoring sports and, more specifically, basketball, part of Timo’s social banking efforts?

Sports in general and basketball, in particular, are great people connectors. Not until recent years has the World Basketball Federation (FIBA) focused on 3×3 Basketball. With just half a court, one hoop, and three players on each team, exciting games can be held anytime, anywhere. That simplicity has helped 3×3 basketball quickly creep into every corner and become part of urban sports culture. With its contribution and support, Timo Digital Bank hopes that more and more 3×3 games will be held in both the professional and amateur forms nationwide, making 3×3 basketball a cultural connector and bringing basketball closer to sports lovers.

A commitment to a prosperous and sustainable community is a similarity in the growth directions of both Timo and the VBA.

Is Timo’s participation part of the strategy that “Digital banks do not need a branch network but still need to be present everywhere”?

Most customers are used to the fact that every time they need to use financial services, they will have to go to a bank branch. As a digital bank with the ambition of setting new benchmarks for modern banking, this starts from the smallest changes in mindset to meet all of the demands of our customers. To achieve this, the first principle is that Timo be present at all “touchpoints”, through online platforms, and be present in the most genuine way in the daily lives of customers.

The image of Timo alongside 3×3 basketball courts filled with energy and passion all around the country is the fastest way we can reach the hearts of the community as well as global sports lovers.

While the message from VBA is “Basketball we all love”, what is the message from Timo Digital Bank?

One main goal is securing “true love” from customers. First is to win their attention, then make sure they trust and respect what we are doing, and finally understand the value we bring. Then, customers will fall in love and engage with Timo.

The VBA tournament’s message is “Basketball we all love”, with a desire to spread a love of basketball among young people nationwide. As a pioneering social bank with sustainable growth, Timo hopes its support of this first 3×3 tournament will ensure it is a great success and become an annual event, taking Vietnamese basketball to world-class levels.

We have some exciting news at Timo and we want to be the first to share it with you.

Timo has a new banking partner – Viet Capital Bank

Your feedback over the last few years has propelled us to make this decision with the vision of improving banking in Vietnam by offering convenience and secure 24/7 access to your funds

In partnership with Viet Capital Bank, we will bring you a seamless and smooth banking experience, fuelled by technology and innovation. We will send you more details and assist in making the transition to the same Timo you have been accustomed to, but with Viet Capital Bank in the coming weeks.


Rest assured that your account and funds are with VPBank and you can continue to use the Timo App as usual. You DO NOT need to take any action right now but stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks in order to provide a seamless transition.

As always we want to assure you that our commitment to offer you convenience, value and security – and above all else ensure you are transitioned smoothly and seamlessly.

Our Timo Hangouts remain open to assist you during this time and we’re happy to provide you with any answers, so please call us on 1800 6788, chat with us via Fanpage or email us at

We would like to inform you of our Ho Chi Minh City Hangout working schedule on 13th December 2019 as follows:

  • Our Hangout will close early for maintenance as listed below: 
    • Date: 13.12.2019  
    • Closing Time: 6:00 pm
  • We will re-open on 14.12.2019 at 8:30am as usual.

If you have any issues or concerns, please send an email to and we will get back to you at the earliest.
You can still enjoy uninterrupted service and use of the Timo app and as usual.

Timo would like to inform you of the following:
From 25 November 2019, the Timo Hangout in Can Tho will move to a new location as follows:
– Old address: 209 30/4 Street, Ward Xuan Khanh, Ninh Kieu District
New address: Ground Floor, 81-83 Tran Van Kheo, Ward Cai Khe, Ninh Kieu District
Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 17:30
Saturday: 8:30 – 12:00
We look forward to welcoming you to our new location soon.
Team Timo.

Timo would like to inform you of the following:

All card-related services on the Timo app and card services on Napas Debit Card and Timo Mastercard including ATM withdrawal services, POS swipe, Ecommerce payments will be interrupted from 00:00 hrs on 17/11/2019 till 08:00 hrs on the same date due to a scheduled upgrade to our banking partner’s system.

During this time, the following services will be temporarily interrupted:

1. Card-related services on Timo app (web, mobile web, mobile application) as below:  

  • Activate new card
  • Lock/Unlock card
  • Register/ Cancel registration of ecommerce payment
  • Automatic debt deduction 
  • Change/Forget PIN 
  • Debit balance payment
  • Register for new card
  • Query transaction history
  • Register for installment 

2. Card services on Napas Debit Card and Mastercard Credit Card as below:

  • POS swipe
  • Deposit/Withdraw via ATM-CDM
  • Ecommerce payments

After 08:00 hrs on 17/11/2019,  all services will be back online and you can continue to use your cards as usual. 

For questions or concerns please email us on, inbox us via Facebook or call our Hotline on 1800 6788.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

According to Circular No. 16/2014/TT-NHNN of the State Bank of Vietnam guiding the use of accounts of foreign currency and Vietnamese dong at authorized banks for residents and non-residents, VPBank issued regulation No. 38/2016/QT-TGÐ, regarding procedures for cash collection and payment at the counters.


All foreigners will no longer be able to deposit cash into a Timo Cash Deposit machine as per this circular. If you do try and deposit funds into a Timo CDM, your deposit will be rejected till the time you can prove the source of funds.
However if you have the proper documents to prove your source of funds, you can continue to deposit cash at ANY VPBank branch counter.

Here are the list of documents required by scenario:



Documents required proving the source of funds


Sources of money including salaries, bonuses, allowances, allowances and other income are salary and bonus nature

• An employment contract certified by the employer organization within the last 12 months

• Payroll / statement of wages in the last 12 months


Source of money from real estate (including income from buying, selling, transferring, leasing real estate or real estate

• Sale, transfer / lease contract is signed within 3 years up to the time of money transfer

• In case the real estate / estate is the common property of husband and wife during the marriage period; it is necessary to supplement the Property Division Agreement between husband and wife to determine the money owned by the sender


Source of money from securities stocks (including trading, transferring, contributing stocks, buying and selling securities)

• For income from transfer trading, equity contribution, transfer contract; equity capital contribution within 3 years up to the time of money transfer

• For income from trading securities: securities trading contracts; sub-book / statement of securities account within 3 years up to the time of remittance.


Source of money from savings deposit, savings book (including: savings deposit / bank savings book which has been active for 1 month prior to the time of money transfer)

• Receipts for closing savings books /accounts; or a bank account statement certified by the authorized person of the issuing bank or;
• A confirmation from the authorized person of the issuing bank in terms of time of savings book; depositor’s name, amount; currency; saving book serial number…
•Note:+ Customer must transfer their funds overseas within 7 days from the date of closing their savings account / savings book

VPBank will transfer money to foreigner accounts immediately upon receipt of all necessary documents. The service fee will apply as per VPBank’s regulation at that time.

When Timo’s customers deposit cash into their accounts at VPBank’s counter, fees will be applied under VPBank’s current regulation.

Deposit or Withdraw to/from Timo Spend account
at VPBank Branches outside of HCM city
(Min 10,00 VND,
Max: 1,000,000 VND)
Transfer or Withdraw at VPBank Branches within
02 working days from deposit date
(amount greater than 1 Billion dong)
(Min 10,000 VND,
Max: 1,000,000 VND)


If you are a Timo Mastercard holder, we would like to instruct you on how to make a payment towards your Timo Mastercard as an alternative option to making the payment via Timo App as following:

  • Customers can bring the original valid Passport and Visa to the nearest VPBank branch to make the deposit directly only to their Timo Mastercard. 
  • Note that a valid Visa/Temporary or Permanent resident card is required. 
  • If you are unable to provide these documents, you will need to come to Timo Hangout to update them with us prior to visiting the VPBank branch. 
  • Do try and make the necessary arrangements before the due date (November 4th, 2019) to avoid late fees and interest which may be incurred due to a late payment.

Please find the list of VPBank transaction offices nationwide here (

You can read the detailed Circular here. 

* Please note: This circular is only available in Vietnamese*

Please call our Timo Care team on 1800 6788 or email us at for more information.