Have you ever been in a situation where you face unexpected issues requiring an extra amount of cash that you do not have in your bank account? What would make an ideal backup plan to make sure you can react quickly in these situations? Look no further, because Timo Fast Cash is just the right “savior” for these situations. With Timo Fast Cash, bank loans no longer have to be slow and complicated. You will be in total control of every issue happening around you, even if it is unexpected.


When applying for a loan at a bank, most people usually feel discouraged due to a large amount of complicated paperwork and processes. At the same time, you usually need to wait a certain amount of time to find out if your application is approved. These problems are the cause that indirectly create a complicated path for those in need of a bank loan.

To help you have a quick backup solution, Timo offers Fast Cash right in the Timo app. Timo Fast Cash simply unexplained is an overdraft loan that you can get to cope with unexpected or urgent matters.

With the top priority of satisfying the urgent needs of customers, Timo Fast Cash is ready to respond to any unexpected matter of account holders. As all procedures can be done right in the Timo app, Timo account holders can easily activate Timo Fast Cash with:

– 4 simple application steps (Find out more here).

– 1-2 minutes to complete the application

– 30 minutes to get an approval

Additionally, repayment can also be made quickly via the Timo app. To pay for the amount of Fast Cash you’ve already used, the only thing you need to do is to deposit money into your Timo Spend Account. Timo will then automatically deduct the corresponding amount to pay for the amount of Fast Cash you already used, as well as interest.


To keep up with the speed of your life, Timo Fast Cash is designed to be a convenient product for users to use anytime and anywhere. When in need of a fast loan, you can be in complete control of applying for Fast Cash right in the Timo app without having to go anywhere. To make it more convenient for you, we also omit most of the complicated procedures so you would not have to worry about preparing any financial proof.

Instead of financial proof or an asset mortgage, the qualification criteria required for Fast Cash are elements that you can easily achieve, including:

– A Vietnamese National above 18 years of age

– Have an active Timo Spend Account for 180 days or more

– Have a minimum average balance of at least VND 500,000 in your Timo Spend Account and Goal Save over 180 days

– Have at least 3 credit transactions and average spend account credit transactions in the past 180 days greater than or equal to 5,000,000 VND

With Timo Fast Cash, you can easily get an overdraft loan of up to 100 million VND. Once your application is approved, your Fast Cash will be automatically activated as soon as your Spend Account reaches 0 (zero). Once your Fast Cash is activated, you are entitled to use your approved limit of Fast Cash to settle online payments, payments via POS and move money.


With Timo Fast Cash, transparency is demonstrated through updating and sending all relevant information about fees to users. In particular, you will receive an email about interest rates and related fees after completing your application for Fast Cash. If there are any changes in interest rates or related fees, rest assured that you will always be notified promptly by email or / and will be able to find the updates on every main communication channel of Timo. Additionally, information related to Fast Cash such as your Fast Cash limit, the amount used and interest rate would always be displayed clearly in the Timo app.

Regarding your interest, the charged amount of interest is only calculated based on the amount of money you already used in your Fast Cash limit. The average applicable interest rate is 24% per year. However, this interest rate may vary depending on the customer’s application and time. You will be notified of the official interest rate by email after completing your application.

Additionally, you will receive an email from Timo about the amount to be paid for your Fast Cash, including the interest calculated based on the agreed interest rate, approximately one week before the payment is due. The amount of money you need to pay for your Fast Cash is calculated with the following formula: (Actual overdraft balance x Interest rate x actual number of days the actual overdraft balance is used) / 365.

We hope that the above article has helped you to understand more about the key strengths and features of Timo Fast Cash. You can find out more Timo Fast Cash here.