We are proud to announce version 11.0 is ready for download! On top of continually enhancing security, we’ve also updated new qualifications and process to apply for the Timo MasterCard:

1/ Opening the Timo MasterCard is easier than ever
We had introduced our new MasterCard with 0% Foreign Exchange Fee to can help you save 3% – 4% fee of the next trip overseas. Originally this was just for friends and family. With this update, your account will be checked automatically to see if you pre-qualify for this card. If you haven’t qualified, we will suggest 3 simple ways to apply.
*Tap Wealth Product Tab and tap Apply to Timo MasterCard

2/ Upgrade to Payment Requests feature
Last drop, we launched a new feature called Payment Request to help you connect and send payment requests to your Timo’s friends. In this update, we have made improvements based on our member feedback. Now you can add new friends or even make a friend as spam if they request more than 3 times (be careful though, you can be marked as spam by your friend too!).
*Tap the Social Tab to access Payment Request.

3/ Purchase Insurance from our strategic partner Sun Life
At Timo we want to help you do more with your time and money. This is why we have partnered with Sun Life, a Canadian insurance company with over 150 years of experience. Visit Insurance Products regularily to find more ways to protect yourself and also increase your net worth. We truly believe your health and well being is our measure of success.
*Tap Wealth Product Tab and apply for an Insurance package. A SunLife representative will contact you soon.

Remember you can access all of this from your browser too at https://my.timo.vn.

If you haven’t already, update to the latest version today!

Timo Team