We would like to inform you of our Timo Hangout and Timo Care working schedule as follows:

During this time, our Timo Hangout will remain temporarily closed, and our Call Centre representatives will be unavailable.

Some notes for your seamless transactions this holiday

  • If you need any urgent assistance, please send an email to care@timo.vn and one of our representatives will try to get back to you at the earliest.
  • You can still log into the Timo app and Web App at my.timo.vn as usual.
  • Enjoy the holiday without worry about account’s security, check out our safety tips Here
  • The CDM machines can be put in overload status these days or they are located inside the VPBank branches and can’t assist you. We recommend you make the cash deposit into Timo account before the holiday on 31/08/2018.
  • How to check location of CDMs: Choose CDM/ATM locator on the Menu bar from Timo App.
  • For interbank transactions via your account number, you will need to schedule an early transfer (no later than 12.00 on 31/08/2018) to avoid the transaction being held until the end holidays.
  • It’s easy for withdrawing cash when you can use any banks’ ATMs for free. Check out the list of bank brands support to withdraw free below.