Timo version 10.0 is ready for download this month! On top of continually enhancing security, we’ve also updated Timo with these great features on Android and Apple iOS.

Early customers of Timo are fond of the App’s attractive design, simplicity, and ease of use.  The new version maintains these attractions, but expands the App’s functionality in innovative ways.

Now you can swipe left on an account to access all of your actions and tap to see transactions. Plus, we’ve included notifications you can access from the top right corner. Timo accounts include the Spend Account, Goal Save Account, Term Deposit Account(s), and the famous 0% FX MasterCard Account. The new version retains this simple design on one of three tabs, but allows only swipe left to display the choices of functions to be tapped.  



Now you can request a payment from anyone on Timo! Click on the new Social Tab on the bottom of your home screen. From there you can send and respond to payment requests with just a tap and keep track of payments you have requested and payments which others have requested from you.  
Now making and collecting payments can be done at the speed of life.


At Timo we want to help you increase your net worth. We truly believe your success is our success. Keep checking out the Wealth Products tab at the bottom right of the Homescreen as we add more and more products to help you grow your money.


Remember you can also access all of this from your browser at https://my.timo.vn/

Let’s view the video about the cooler new swipe design and Payment request payment.