Banking in Vietnam had stood in place for decades before it’s moved to a new stage of Internet banking. For the first time ever, Vietnam has its first Digital Bank.
Timo stands for TIME & MONEY, which serves for the right purpose of the product: saving time on many transactions and payments, instead of being tired queuing at the banks or logging with several different internet banking systems.

On August 4th, 2015, the National Bank of Vietnam had confirmed that Vietnam Prosperity (VP Bank) bank had registered to issue a new debit card named TIMO — a new generation of Banking in Vietnam, aims to support locals and expatriates in managing their money in their way wherever and whenever.

The first Digital Banking for Vietnam— TIMO has launched recently which gives users a better solution to manage their money, bills and even top up mobile cards.

Powerful & simple. The most innovative Mobile Banking experience in Vietnam

We understand you have your priorities in life. With so many things to keep up, you’re always on the move. So, we’ve crafted the perfect banking experience around you!

Our app makes it easier than ever to access and keep track of your finances so you can spend smarter and save more. With Timo powered by VPBank, now you can bank intelligently and securely on the go!

Become a Timo member, enjoy a brand new banking experience and our exclusive offers:

*FREE WITHDRAWALS at over 15.700 ATMs nationwide

With the Timo app you get to enjoy the following features (more to be updated soon!):


Upon signing up with Timo, you instantly have all your accounts accessible anytime, anywhere on the Timo app. Banking can now be integrated into your daily life: check your activities, your balances and move your money around wherever and whenever!

*Spend Account: Top up, transfer, bill pay

Perfect features for busy people:

Top up: top up your phone or your friend’s easily in a blink of eye on Timo app.

Move money: FREE transfer money from Timo to any bank in Vietnam. Moreover, with Timo you can pay your electricity, internet, water… at anytime and anywhere. Remember to save your receiver/bill contact for more convenient use next time.

* Goal Save

Everyone has goals in life. Timo now makes it easier to set and keep track of them! Create, manage, contribute, and enjoy 1% interest per year with goals in Timo Goal Save. Make savings even easier by automating contributions from your Spend Account. Now you’ll reach your goals in no time!

* Term Deposit

Don’t just leave money sitting around! Move excess money from your Spend Account into a Term Deposit with just a swipe! Timo Intelligence will help you with all the calculations and make it way more convenient to optimize your saving. We’re happier when you are saving to make your dreams come true, so let us help you get there!

2. NEED SOME FINANCIAL SUPPORT? Apply for a VPBank loan!

Everyone needs help sometimes. If you are stuck and need a little extra help, apply for a VPBank loan in the Timo app.


Login in with your username and password, set up a secure quick code only you know (we do not store it), and you can enjoy the security and peace of mind of secure banking.
Did we also mention that Timo is powered by VPBank and is fully PCI-DSS compliant?

Need to get in touch with us? Simply click on Support to reach Timo Care – they’re available 24/7.

Need more reasons to upgrade your banking experience today? Join Timo and enjoy banking at the speed of your life with benefits exclusively for Timo Members:

* No ATM fees at over 15.700 ATMs nationwide
* No transfer fees (send or receive) all over Vietnam
* Free account maintenance and no annual fee
* Free disputes for card transactions and investigations into card activities

The future of banking is Timo. Save Time & grow your Money – you deserve control over your finances. We will keep working tirelessly to make sure you have the best experience possible. Stay tuned for more awesomeness coming your way!

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