You have joined us through a friend invitation so you have a special gift voucher waiting for you.


4 easy steps to get and use your Christmas voucher

Watch the tutorial video

Step 1: Login to the Desktop version of Timo at

Step 2: Click on the drop down navigation at the Top left corner of the screen, and select the “Deals / Rewards” section

Step 3: Click on “Redeem Voucher”. This will take you to the voucher page which is best viewed and best used on a mobile device.

Step 4: Save the Voucher or the URL to be able to redeem it later. Here’s how you can save the voucher.

  1. Photo: Take a Photograph of the full Voucher page image with the QR code clearly visible by using your Phone and store it to your Phone. This needs to be presented to the store staff of the brand to be used.
  2. Email: After you click on the Voucher URL from your Timo account on PC, you will be prompted to enter your email for the Voucher to be sent to. Voucher should be opened from your email on mobile phone. This needs to be presented to the store staff of the brand to be used

Note: The invitee has to use the same email as registered with Timo to receive the voucher code and must  save the voucher link safely. In case, the invitee share this information and misplaces the voucher code, Timo will not be responsible to re-issue another voucher code. 

Step 5: Present the voucher image or URL at stores of 8 brands (please click logo in voucher to see applicable stores) when you are ready to use it. Please note the Voucher is valid till 30.06.2018



Food and desserts:


Remember to save your Voucher URL or take a Photograph of the voucher to be able to use it. Your voucher is valid till 30/06/2018 but must be redeemed on before 28/02/2018

For more information, check out the T&C here

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.