Timo would like to inform our Timo Hangouts and Timo Care working schedule on Hung Kings’ Commemoration Day 2020 as above:

If you have any issues or concerns, please send an email to care@timo.vn or inbox our Facebook and we will get back to you at the earliest. You can still enjoy uninterrupted services and use of the Timo app and my.timo.vn as usual.

Some tips and suggestions to access your funds

  • You can visit any local bank’s ATM to withdraw funds as you require without any fees. You can also access the Timo ATM located outside the Timo Hangout (Ho Chi Minh city branch) as usual. 
  • If you want to deposit cash into your account we recommend you do this on or before 01.04.2020 either through a bank transfer or at a VP Bank branch before 16:00 hrs on 01.04.2020
  • How to find VPBank Branches around you? Here is a link to all the VPBank branches: https://www.vpbank.com.vn/locations?target=en (type the district you are staying at the left box, press enter, Ex: Tan Binh > Enter)

Some tips to protect yourself and people around you in relation to Covid-19

In relation to Covid-19, Timo suggests some tips to protect yourself and people around you as follows:

  • Avoid crowded spaces, stay healthy and exercise regularly!
  • Use digital banking services instead of traditional banking services where possible. You should come directly to a bank branch only for essential banking services such as re-issuing a card, submitting your documents to complete the Mastercard registration or to sign important forms…
  • Deposit money into your Timo account by Fund Transfer.
  • Shop online, have them delivered to your home address, move money to shipper from your Spend Account or via Grab Pay.
  • Pay Bills from your couch with your Timo Spend Account.
  • If you need to physically visit a place, remember 3 things: wear a mask at all times, sanitize your hands and allow security guards to check your temperature before entering a space.

Together with your cooperation, we can help prevent the spread of Covid-19 among our community!


Timo Team.