Tet is the festive season when all families and friends are gathered to celebrate Lunar New Year while exchanging wishes and envelopes of lucky money. The tradition of giving out lucky money has always been one of the things that children love the most about Tet. Even adults sometimes wish that they can go on a time machine and go back in time when they can still queue up and wait for their turns to get the red envelopes.
At Timo, we believe that adults can innovate with this tradition and exchange lucky money with friends in several creative ways. Join us in finding out 5 exciting ways of giving cashless lucky money in the article below, and don’t forget to spread the trend out to your friends!

1. iCloud memory capacity for iPhone/iPad users

iCloud is a powerful assistant designed to help iPhone and iPad users to manage, sync, store and share data. For people who are currently struggling to delete pictures and videos to save space for hundreds of upcoming Tet photos, giving them more iCloud memory capacity in replacement of red envelopes can be very ideal as it might just be the thing that they need.
To give your friends this, you need to log in to your iCloud on your iPad/iPhone first and the follow the below steps:
Step 1: Access your Settings area, and then click on your name on the top
Step 2: Choose Set Up Family Sharing and then add personal details of the iPhone/iPad user you want to send iCloud memory capacity to.
Note that you need to buy at least 200GB from iCloud to share it with your friends and family.

2. High-speed download package for Fshare users

If you have friends who use Fshare everyday for work, a high-speed download package of Fshare is a creative replacement of lucky money. Give your friends money or points via Fshare can easily be done with the below steps:
Step 1: Go on www.fshare.vn and log in to your Fshare account
Step 2: Click on your account name and choose Information account
Step 3: Choose Point/Money management, fill in details of the receiver and click on Confirm

3. Take advantage of your banking app and ask your friends for lucky money

If you have a Timo account, you can easily ask your friends, who have have Timo accounts, to give you lucky money via the Payment Request feature. To ask for lucky money, all you have to do is tap on the Payment Request feature, enter the desired amount of lucky money and send it to your friend with a description that make them laugh, so they will not able to refuse your way of asking for lucky money.

4. Giving yourself & your friends lucky money via invitation links

If you are a Timo cardholder, and if there are promotion campaigns ongoing, you can also receive unlimited lucky money simply by inviting your friends to join Timo. In particular, you will get 50.000 VND for each successful invitation from Timo, and the number of invitations and lucky money is unlimited. Additionally, each of your invitees will also have the chance to receive gifts and vouchers based on the promotion of the month. In Januray – February 2019, they can get a 200.000 VND e-voucher from WeFit to make their New Year’s Resolutions of getting fit come true, a 75.000 VND e-voucher from Shopee and a 100.000 VND e-voucher from VinaCapital.

5. Giving cashless lucky money via bank accounts

Transferring lucky money to your friends’ bank accounts is a simple and fast way of doing this and should be used more often. As the trend of being able to do everything cashless grows, this method of giving lucky money should be encouraged.
For this modern style of giving lucky money, a digital bank that does not charge any fee for money transfer like Timo is worth your consideration.

No matter which ways of giving lucky money you are going to choose, keep in mind that the meaning of lucky money is to bring good fortune to the upcoming year rather than the amount of money itself. If you like these creative replacements for traditional red envelopes, do not forget to start using them and share them with your friends!