Summer is not only a season of travelling but also the period of time when several brands offer “whirlwinds” of special offers and discount programs. From fashion items to appliances and electronics, many products are offered to customers at attractive prices. For shopaholics, this can be a dangerous situation if they don’t prepare a strong mentality and a clear plan for themselves as all these special offers can easily make one go broke. Check out the below 3 tips to make sure that you can shop for what you want without going broke!

1 – Put down a shopping list

To avoid buying everything that you have your eyes on, you need to put down a shopping list. Putting the items you are planning to buy in order of priorities where the items you need should be put down before the items you want. This helps you to shop effectively as you can address your own regular needs in your daily life and, at the same time, eliminate items that are not necessary. If your shopping list contains of fashion items mostly, our advice to you is to double check your wardrobe to consider if you really need what you are planning to buy. In order to shop without going broke, the thinking and consideration process is really important, as well as learning how to control your temptation for all these huge sales seasons.

2 – Give your shopping budget a number

This second tip is something that every shopper needs to keep in mind to avoid suffering from going broke due to excessive spending. Make sure the money you spend is worth it by giving your shopping budget an actual number. While planning this amount of money, you should take in consideration of how much is it worth of your total monthly income. You should not spend more than 10% of your monthly income for shopping. Allowing yourself to only shop within a certain budget will prevent you from making unnecessary spendings.
You should also try to settle all your shopping payments with your debit/credit card to have all your transactions recorded in the transaction history list. This will keep you to effectively keep track of the money you spend on shopping.
Additionally, you should check out the price of the same item you are planning to buy offered at different places to be able to buy it at the most ideal price.

3 – Take a friend with you

If you are not confident that you will not be able to control yourself, take a friend with you and share your shopping budget with them. Let them help to remind you of how much budget you have and whether you really need a particular item that you have your eyes on. If you shop for clothes, your friend can also give you genuine advice of whether the clothes you want to buy would suit you.
Hopefully these tips will help you get your summer shopping done without going broke. If you know a shopaholic who would need these advice, share this with them. You can also find out more about our Timo Mastercard and its flexible installment scheme here.