1. Program Overview: Tomi’s Journey to the West

Welcome to the adventurous journey to the west with Tomi. Embark on a real-time expedition with Monk Tang as he sets out to retrieve the sacred scriptures.

In this vast world of the Westward Journey, you’ll join Monk Tang in skillfully recruiting special disciples, from the supremely powerful Sun Wukong to the renowned Zhu Bajie. Each disciple possesses unique strengths and secrets awaiting your discovery.

However, the quest for scriptures isn’t always rosy. Besides the joyous moments, there are trials and cunning demons set to challenge your wit and strength. Whether to confront or evade, the choice is yours.

The game will be available on your Timo digital bank app from October 24, 2023, to November 11, 2023.

2. Tasks

  • our goal is to collect powerful characters by unveiling 12 cards corresponding to 12 levels.
  • To reveal each character, you must complete the tasks assigned at each level...
  • Each player can advance through a maximum of 01 level per day.

3. Notification Timing for Successful Level Advancement

  • Upon successfully clearing a challenge, you’ll receive a celebratory notification between 10:00 – 12:00 the following day (T+1).

4. Task Explanation

4.1. Transaction Classification Tasks

Decoding the definitions:

Automatic Classification: Timo auto-categorizes all your transactions.

Manual Classification: You manually adjust the labels that Timo auto-categorized previously.

Points for valid transaction classification:

Timo has automatically categorized all transactions for you. For it to be valid, you need to manually re-categorize them.


Change the transaction classification label different from the label Timo assigned.


E.g., if Timo auto-categorized your transaction under “Dining”, you’ll need to re-categorize it under a different label, other than “Dining” for it to be valid.

Frequency of manual classification for transactions

  • For transactions before the program’s commencement: You can re-categorize each transaction once, even those previously manually categorized.


  • For transactions after the program starts: You can only manually classify a transaction once.

    E.g., If on day 12 you categorize transaction A and on day 13 you recategorize transaction A again, the system will NOT consider it valid.


Accumulating transaction classifications

You can accumulate your manual transaction classifications.


E.g., If on day 12 you needed to classify 4 transactions but only managed 3, you can classify the 4th transaction on day 13 and progress to the next level the day after.


After completing the classification target, the accumulated transaction count will reset.


4.2. Chanting Tasks

Upon receiving the chanting task, please exit and log back into the app. Then, concentrate and “chant the magical phrase” as instructed.

Your ability to advance to the next level depends on your concentration and sincerity. Keep it up!

5. Prizes for the Victorious

  • Grand Sage Treasure Prize: For 03 players who consecutively clear 10 levels and own 10 distinct cards, each will receive an exclusive 3D Tomi statue from Timo.

    In case more than 03 players qualify, we’ll decide based on the highest total star count.

  • Zhu Bajie Resilience Prize: For 02 players who pass 10 consecutive levels but have the least total stars, each will receive an exclusive 3D Tomi statue from Timo.

    If more than 02 players qualify, we’ll determine the winner based on task completion time.

  • Master Tang Fate Prize: The player with the most duplicate cards will get an exclusive 3D Tomi statue from Timo.

    For ties, winners are chosen based on the highest total star count.

  • Sand Monk Patience Prize: The player with the most 1-star cards will receive an exclusive 3D Tomi statue from Timo.

    For ties, winners are chosen based on the highest total star count.

Sidelined Six-Star Story Prize: All players who gather a 6-star card receive an instant 60 Timo points. This can only be claimed once during the program


  • The prizes are only for those completing all 12 levels.
  • Except “Sidelined Six-Star Story Prize”, each player can win only 1 prize. If you qualify for multiple prizes, the subsequent prizes will be awarded to the next eligible participant.

    *Prizes sponsored by Timo x Timo Merch.

6. Special Privileges upon Level Advancement

Upon clearing level 7, you gain the privilege to purchase an exclusive Tomi statue set from Timo.

*Promotional program conducted by Timo x Timo Merch.

*Characters in this game are inspired by the movie “Journey to the West” (1986).

In the mystical realm of Nusantara, there resided a powerful and ancient dragon named VanPon. He was mighty and deeply entrenched in tradition, his ego as enormous as his collection of precious jewels. Always intent on expanding his dominion, he displayed an indifference towards his subjects’ well-being, favoring the old and unchanging ways.

Into this realm, came a youthful, lively Kirin named Taemo. Taemo was modern, innovative, and unyielding in her pursuit of justice, even in a world riddled with complexities. She introduced forward-thinking concepts aimed at improving the quality of life for the inhabitants of Nusantara.

To bring these ideas to fruition, Taemo needed the approval and backing of the formidable VanPon. Despite their vast differences, they initiated a partnership. Soon, Taemo’s groundbreaking contributions gained wide popularity among the kingdom’s inhabitants who began to admire her sincere dedication to their welfare.

However, VanPon, struggling to keep pace with the vibrant spirit of Taemo’s offerings, grew envious. In his arrogance, he tried to obstruct Taemo’s path, launching his own iterations of her innovations. But without genuine concern for the people, these attempts soon lost their appeal.

During this turmoil, Taemo sought a new ally to continue serving her loyal followers. Seeing her struggle, a wise and supportive Garuda named BinhMinh extended a wing of assistance. Known for his rationality and stability, BinhMinh recognized Taemo’s sincere intentions and offered his help.

VanPon was livid at the thought of Taemo securing a new ally. Firmly believing that the inhabitants of Nusantara were rightfully his, he threatened to annihilate Taemo and snatch away her followers.

Despite her fears, Taemo, driven by her determination, successfully guided her followers to the protective wings of BinhMinh. The transition was challenging, causing much inconvenience to her followers, and for this, Taemo felt deep remorse.

Meanwhile, VanPon continued his deceitful tactics, neglecting his dues to Taemo and sowing discord among her followers. He planted seeds of doubt, insinuating that Taemo was merely an extension of his mighty domain.

In her struggle, Taemo couldn’t bring herself to expose VanPon’s intimidation tactics, trapped in a vortex of fear and shame. The kingdom was left in the dark, with many believing in VanPon’s distorted narrative.

But Taemo, the radiant Kirin, held steadfast to her belief in the triumph of goodness. She continued her tireless service to her followers, hopeful that they would one day see through VanPon’s deceit.

She believed that VanPon, despite his current might, would inevitably fall if he persisted with his unethical ways. 

In Taemo’s heart, she knew that sincerity and kind-hearted service would eventually win over the inhabitants of Nusantara, who would then rise against the oppressive reign of VanPon.

As if by destiny, the legendary Hoan-Kim, a celestial fox of wisdom, appeared. It whispered a secret into the dreams of every inhabitant of Nusantara. The secret was a passcode, “FVanPon“, a beacon of liberation from VanPon’s domineering rule.

This passcode, like a mystical key, would allow the people to reconnect with Taemo. They awoke, their minds filled with understanding, and began to use the passcode “FVanPon”, reestablishing their ties with Taemo’s vision and leaving behind VanPon’s rule. This was the dawn of a new era for Nusantara, where dreams of a compassionate realm were coming to life.

When is the perfect time to invest in mutual funds?

In mutual fund investing, sometimes the question is not “When should I buy?” but “How should I buy?”

The answer lies in a simple but effective investment strategy: Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).

DCA is an investing strategy at its core that’s about “slowly” and “consistently over the long term”.

For instance: Instead of investing the whole 40 million VND at once, you regularly invest 8 million VND per month for 5 months.

This approach is very much in line with the philosophy of Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor. He once advised, “Invest regularly. Invest when the market is up and when the market is down. The most important thing is to keep investing.”

For a specific example, in 1988, Warren Buffett started buying Coca-Cola stocks, and since then, he’s been consistently buying these stocks over a long period of time. Initially, these shares were priced around 2.45 USD per stock, but their value has significantly increased over the subsequent years (currently around 60 USD/share).

The magic of the DCA method is that you should not worry too much about buying at the “right” or “wrong” time, but rather you will set a certain amount of money to invest every week or every month in the same investment product, regardless of the market price.

You will make more money, if you invest regularly every week and month, rather than being haunted by the timing of investment.

For instance: You decide to invest 3 million VND each month into a mutual fund.

The first month, the mutual fund price is 15,000 VND – you buy 200 units.
The next month, the price drops to 10,000 VND – you buy an additional 300 units.
Now, you own 500 units of the mutual fund, with an average price of 12,000 VND.

The third month, the market recovers, the price goes up to 20,000 VND. The value of your mutual fund goes up to 10 million VND.

Suppose you bought all 6 million in the first month, then in the third month, you only have 8 million, so you earn 2 million less than DCA!

In this example, you can see that the traditional investment method yields much lower returns than DCA!

The DCA method is especially suitable for those who don’t have much capital.

When you have little capital for investing, this method helps you split the amount of money to invest each week, each month.

This helps you not to be afraid of buying at too high a price and keeps your mentality stable in the face of market fluctuations.

When should you start DCA?

The short answer: The sooner, the better.

In 2022, the year the stock market plummeted, the market is now in a sideways phase, meaning there is no clear upward or downward trend, so the sooner you DCA, the more opportunities you have to buy at a good price before the market recovers.

Imagine, if you invest 5 million VND each month, after one year you will have invested a total of 60 million VND. But if you start a year earlier, the amount you have invested is already 120. The more you have invested, the more profits you will have when the market recovers.

Even, when the market is currently down like now, the sooner you DCA, the more chance you have to buy more mutual fund units at a low price.

Suppose you invest 5 million VND each month into a specific mutual fund. This month, the price of that mutual fund is 20,000 VND, meaning you buy 250 units.

The next month, the price drops to 10,000 VND, and you invest another 5 million and buy an additional 500 units. Now, you own 750 units with an average price of 13,333 VND per unit, lower than the initial price.

However, DCA doesn’t always bring benefits.

If you choose a poor stock or mutual fund that only decreases and never increases again, then even with DCA, you will still lose. This is what happened to many investors in the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, the key to successful DCA is choosing a truly good company or mutual fund with long-term growth potential.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 mutual funds with the highest average returns over the past 3 years in Vietnam.

Buy VinaCapital fund certificates right on Timo digital bank’s app. Invest anytime with just 100,000 VND.

Introduction to VinaCapital

Established in 2003, VinaCapital is one of the largest investment and wealth management groups in Vietnam.

As of March 31, 2023, the Fund has total assets under management of $3.9 billion.

In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2023, VinaCapital was consecutively named the best fund company in Vietnam by the prestigious Asia Asset Management Magazine.

Who are the fund managers?

VinaCapital’s open-end funds are actively managed by a team of experienced financial investment professionals, benefiting from VinaCapital Group’s 20 years of establishment and development in the Vietnamese market.

VinaCapital focuses on finding investment opportunities with high growth potential and resilience to market volatility.

What are the benefits of investing in VinaCapital?

VinaCapital manages various open-ended funds such as: VINACAPITAL-VESAF, VINACAPITAL-VEOF, VINACAPITAL-VIBF, VINACAPITAL-VFF.

Each open-end fund has its own unique set of characteristics and investment strategies designed to meet the diverse investment needs of investors. Here are 4 famous open-end funds of VinaCapital:

Fund Name Average Returns/ Year (From 31/3/2021 to 31/3/2023) Returns from start of 2023 to 31/3/2023 Returns in 2022


- 21,2%

Performance Results Table for VinaCapital’s Four Funds (Source: VinaCapital).

Note: 2022 was a period of significant decline in the entire Vietnamese stock market, with the VN-Index losing up to 32.8% of its value. Many individual investors even lost more than this figure.

It can be seen that all three open funds investing in VinaCapital’s stocks had much lower declines than the VN-Index in 2022, demonstrating the effectiveness of the fund management team in risk management and protecting investor interests.

Even the bond open fund VINACAPITAL-VFF yielded an 8% return per year thanks to its focus on investing in bonds, and it has been the best performing bond fund in Vietnam for two consecutive years.

VINACAPITAL-VESAF (VinaCapital Equity Special Access Fund)

VESAF is VinaCapital’s highest-yielding open-end fund.

In fact, in terms of response rates, VINACAPITAL-VESAF generally ranks among the best in the overall market.

VINACAPITAL-VESAF is an open-ended equity fund that invests primarily in listed small and mid-cap stocks. As a result, when the broader market falls in 2022, the individual stocks invested by the fund will also fall more sharply. However, VINACAPITAL-VESAF recovers better in 2023.

VINACAPITAL-VEOF (VinaCapital Equity Opportunity Fund)

VEOF is VinaCapital’s second-most lucrative open-end fund.

An open-ended equity fund called VINACAPITAL-VEOF typically invests in listed equities of well-known companies. Despite having a lower profitability than VINACAPITAL-VESAF, VINACAPITAL-VEOF saw a lesser decline in value in years like 2022.

VINACAPITAL-VIBF (VinaCapital Insights Balanced Fund)

VIBF has a lower return rate, compared to VINACAPITAL-VESAF and VINACAPITAL-VEOF.

This is so because VINACAPITAL-VIBF is an open-end fund that invests equally in equities and bonds because it is a balanced fund.

As a result, it is anticipated that VINACAPITAL-VIBF will have lower returns but reduced risk.

VINACAPITAL-VFF (VinaCapital Enhanced Fixed Income Fund)

VFF is the open-end fund with the highest level of safety and the most steady return rate.

Aiming to provide returns over the long term that are higher than the 12-month savings interest rate, VINACAPITAL-VFF is an open-ended bond fund that predominantly invests in listed corporate bonds and government bonds.

Investors that value security should consider this open fund.

As we can see, open-end funds that invest in stocks generate higher returns than those that only do so in bonds. Investors may still be at danger of losing money during a period of general market collapse, though.

What are the fees of VinaCapital?

Subscription fee
Redemption fee <1 years
Redemption fee ≥ 1 year to <2 years




Redemption fee ≥2 years
Management fee
1.75% per annum
1.75% per annum
1.75% per annum
1.75% per annum

Fee Structure Table for VinaCapital’s Four Open-End Funds (Source: VinaCapital).

If you buy fund certificates of VINACAPITAL-VESAF and sell within 1 year, the total fees you will have to pay are: (1.5% + 1.75%) = 3.25%

This fee of 3.25%/year is insignificant compared to the average return of 32.4%/year that VINACAPITAL-VESAF has brought to investors in the 2021-2023 period.

This fee is also much lower than if you hire a securities consultant to invest for you. Securities consultants usually charge you up to 20 – 30% of the return.

If you are interested in investing in VinaCapital’s open-end funds.

Here is how you can invest.

Guide to investing in VinaCapital's open-ended funds

Fund certificates may be purchased directly from the Timo Digital Banking app or through distributors.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Step 1: Open an investment account

If you don’t already have one, you must create an investing account with VinaCapital or a securities firm. It will be a similar procedure to creating a bank account.

However, you may make purchases directly from the Timo app if you use that virtual bank.

  • Step 2: Start Investing and Monitoring

Choosing the Suitable Mutual Fund

Finally, make sure that you regularly monitor the fund’s performance after acquiring the certificate for the fund and modify your investment portfolio as appropriate.

You may check the value of your assets straight on the Timo app if you made the transaction using Timo.

Buy VinaCapital fund certificates right on Timo digital bank’s app. Invest anytime with just 100,000 VND.

Investing in mutual funds is an effective way to grow your wealth in the long run. However, choosing which mutual fund to invest in is not an easy task due to the multitude of options that need to be researched.

So, this article will suggest the TOP 5 mutual funds with the highest returns that you may consider investing in.

Read more: What is a mutual fund?

Rank Mutual Fund Name Issuer Average Annual Return (last 3 years) Last 6 months return





20.86 %
18.58 %

34.76 %

24.15 %

Ranking of mutual funds (based on annual returns in the last 3 years) – Data updated to 17/05/2023 – Source: Fmarket.

The table above shows the top 5 mutual funds with the best yield rates in the market for the past 3 years. Please note: The table also displays the profit in the last 6 months, but to evaluate the performance of the funds, it is more accurate to evaluate over a longer period.

Now, let’s look at the resilience of these 5 mutual funds when the market plummeted in 2022, a year when the VNINDEX lost 32.8% of its value.

Mutual Fund Name Issuer Investment efficiency in 2022










Investment efficiency of the funds in 2022 – Data taken from the investment efficiency reports of the funds in 2022 published on the official website of the funds.

As we can see, all 5 mutual funds suffered significant losses in 2022.

However, compared to the drop of the VNINDEX (-32.8%), investing in mutual funds helped investors significantly reduce their risk. In fact, many individual investors suffered losses far exceeding this level.

Let’s look at the details of each mutual fund:


Issued by VinaCapital, one of the top reputable investment funds in Vietnam with over 20 years of experience in the investment field.

The fund’s goal: focus on investing in small and medium-sized companies with high growth potential.

With an average annual return of 26.63% in the recent 3 years, VINACAPITAL-VESAF ranks first in the list of mutual funds with the highest returns.

Stock Industry % of asset value
Technology and Information

Fund’s investment portfolio updated on 17/05/2023 – Source: Fmarket.


This is also a mutual fund issued and managed by VinaCapital.

The fund’s goal: invest in large and medium-sized companies, leading companies in their fields.

A notable feature of this fund is its focus on investing in stocks of companies in industries such as information technology and banking,…

With an average annual return of 19.96% in the recent 3 years, VINACAPITAL-VEOF ranks second on our list of mutual funds with the highest returns.

Stock Industry % of asset value
Technology and Information
Auxiliary Manufacturing

Fund’s investment portfolio updated on 17/05/2023 – Source: Fmarket.


  • Issued and managed by Vietcombank, one of the largest banks in Vietnam.
  • The fund’s goal: to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of primarily Vietnam equities.
  • With an average annual return of 17.44% in the past 3 years, VCBF-BCF ranks third on our list.
Stock Industry % of asset value
Technology and Information
Construction Materials

Fund’s investment portfolio updated on 17/05/2023 – Source: Fmarket.


This fund is issued by SSIAM, a member of SSI Securities Corporation.

The fund’s goal: to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing mainly in listed companies.

With an average annual return of 16.97% in the past 3 years, SSISCA ranks fourth on our list.

Stock Industry % of asset value
Technology and Information

Fund’s investment portfolio updated on 17/05/2023 – Source: Fmarket.


  • Managed by IPAAM, a prominent asset management company in Vietnam.
  • The fund’s goal: to achieve long-term growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of primarily Vietnam equities.
  • With an average annual return of 16.57% in the past 3 years, VNDAF ranks fifth on our list.
Stock Industry % of asset value
Construction Materials
Real Estate

Fund’s investment portfolio updated on 17/05/2023 – Source: Fmarket.


Overall, these mutual funds have all demonstrated impressive average annual returns in the past three years. This reflects their ability to generate consistent profits and shows good growth potential.

It is easily observable that among the top 5 mutual funds with the highest returns over the last three years, two are from VinaCapital.

This indicates the strong investment performance delivered by VinaCapital over time. You can find out more about the VinaCapital fund just below.

Buy VinaCapital fund certificates right on Timo digital bank’s app. Invest anytime with just 100,000 VND.