Do you often ignore it when someone mentions insurance because you imagine the effects caused by unexpected accidents that are not covered by insurance to be small? The following article will explain the significant benefits of personal accident insurance and how you, as a Timo cardholder, can instantly get it to protect yourself.

1. Benefits of personal accident insurance

The benefits of personal accident insurance will not be clearly seen at the present as it is more of a provision for future risks and unexpected situations. This makes people underestimate the importance of personal accident insurance and even think that buying one type of insurance is enough. However, even when you are covered by social insurance and health insurance, you might still have to pay extra fees for items or situations that are not covered by your social and health insurance. This can cause unnecessary financial pressures when the unforeseen accident occurs, not to mention the possibility of these pressures becoming a long-term problem for you and your loved ones. Buying personal accident insurance will add up benefits that make up for the restrictions from other types of insurance.

If you are a Timo cardholder, you can purchase a personal accident insurance package from Sun Life via the Timo app. Sun Life Vietnam is a part of Sun Life Financial Group from Canada. The company strives to help customers achieve financial security for their lives and enjoy a healthier life.

With a Timo account and a personal accident insurance package provided by Sun Life, you can safely secure your payment and instantly use the advisory services via the Timo app. With a fee of only 450 VND to 1,300 VND/day, you can register for your online personal accident insurance package and immediately have it actived to enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • 24/7 protection within 365 days
  • Coverage up to 600 millions VND for motorbike accidents and up to 300 millions VND for other accidents
  • Coverage up to 300.000 VND/day for hospitalization fees

2. Three personal accident insurance packages from Sun Life

To encourage all Timo cardholders to give themselves more peace of mind, Sun Life provides three different options of personal accident insurance packages for customers to consider and a suitable option that meets their needs and financial ability.

Although the average daily fee of personal accident insurance packages provided by Sun Life only ranges from as low as 450 to 1,300 VND/day, the insurance coverage will financially support you and your family during unexpected accidents. If you have a stable monthly income, you should choose the Pro package to optimize the provided benefits. Wherever you may live in Vietnam, a personal accident insurance package is always a necessary investment for yourself to be ready for any unexpected risk or accidents that might occur in the future.