Have you ever thought about how painless and convenient it would be when you can plan an event without the need of physical cash? At Timo, this can be done as easily as pie. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, let us share some tips with you on how to get this done.

Step 1: Have a To-Prepare List

As an event organizer, the process of planning for all necessary preparations and expenses is very critical. To make this right without forgetting any important task that needs to be done, ask yourself the following questions first:

– What do you need to prepare?

– For every item that you need to prepare, how much money do you need for each of them?

– What needs to be prioritized? How can you allocate your budget accordingly?

– What is the total expense?

After making a list of all the you need to do, don’t forget to complete your list with the estimated amount of funds you need to spend for each item on the list.

Step 2: Set goals and start saving with Timo Goal Save

To make sure that every preparation is taken care of before the day of the event, make each item on your To-prepare list becomes one of your saving goals. After having a clear set of saving goals, this is where Timo Goal Save can come in and help you achieve each and every one of them on time.

To avoid having to remember all the preparation that you are saving money for with Timo Goal Save, activate the automatic recurring contribution feature to have money from your Spend Account automatically transferred to each of your set goals every day, week or month. This will help you to save enough money on time and for every preparation to be done.

Step 3: Easily pay for all the event’s expenses with Spend Account

After saving enough money for the event, the next step you would probably have to do is purchase or order products and services from the relevant merchants/suppliers. Your Timo Debit Card and Spend Account can be a powerful assistant for you in this process. You can use your Timo Debit Card to pay at any local POS machine within Vietnam. For merchants and suppliers that accept money transfer as one of the payment methods, this can also be done easily with your Timo Spend Account within a few swipes and taps. All event’s expenses can be paid with the exact amount, even if they are in odd numbers. Better yet, POS swipes and money transfer to 40+ banks in the NAPAS network are entirely free with Timo.

With the above features and tips, Timo can help you to plan an event without the need of physical cash, while making sure that every preparation can be done on time for your event to happen smoothly. Try it out and let us know if it works for you!