Digital Banking for the digital lifestyle

Easy to use. Full banking functions. No fees.

Mobile Banking
with No Fees

Timo is a new kind of bank that doesn’t charge you fees, so you can focus on other things in life. This means you can withdraw at 15,700 ATMs and transfer to anyone in Vietnam all fee free while enjoying interest on your deposits.


Timo keeps your money safe at VPBank.


With Timo, there are no hidden fees.


Access your money instantly wherever you go. View, Spend, and Save money without ever going to the bank.


Easy To Access
Your Money

15,700 Fee free ATMs

Never worry about paying ATM fees again, because Timo is fee free for almost all ATMs in Vietnam

Get the Power of a Timo Debit card

You can use your Timo card along with your secret PIN to buy things at all stores and restaurants in Vietnam that accept payment by Debit card. Pay by Timo Debit Card at our Partner outlets and enjoy big savings.


Watch Timo's great features in action

Get Started In 3 Steps

Sign up on
Confirm email &
fill in info
Get your card at
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Send money home without going to the bank or paying any fees

One Bank Account For All Your Needs

A full-fledged bank account

Your Timo account is just like any other bank account. You can save, send, and receive money with any other bank in Vietnam. Your money is also safe, protected by VPBank

No fees needed

Timo is here to help you save money to live your life, not take it away from you in hidden fees. Stop spending money on your old bank and start saving with Timo.

Do your banking from your favorite coffee shop

“My job requires me to travel constantly across Vietnam and overseas. With all the layers of security in the Timo app, I don't worry about my money now. Timo is a full-fledged bank account, but much smarter.”

Bao Nguyen - Sales Manager

“I pay my bills from Singapore! This to me is worth it already! I love Timo!”

Minh Trang - Digital Marketing Specialist

“Timo is just awesome! I use debit card transfers now and my friends and family love receiving it instantly!”

Hong An - Programme Manager

“As a celebrity, I'm always running from one thing to another. With Timo, I can do my banking while I do my running. It's just great!”

Kikki Le - Model

Timo is just like a regular bank.
But way better

It’s time banking changed to keep up with the speed of your life.