Performance Manager/Senior Executive | Timo

Performance Manager / Senior Executive

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Report to: SVP, Growth
  • Department: Growth
  • Contact to:


  • Run and manage campaigns on platforms: Google, FB, Apple Search, Tiktok and many more.
  • Collaborate with the data science team to evaluate the quality of users from sources and implement the quality increase of users.
  • Collaborate with research team to conduct research on user behavior, customer insight, pain point…
  • Collaborate with the content team to conduct research on how to make content.


  • Experienced in managing performance camps at the level of several tens of thousands of users (mobile apps) per month.
  • Experienced in both Google and FB and Apple Search.
  • Used to work at technology companies with the product as App.
  • Had an optimal experience for quality users (increasing deposit rate, revenue/user, transaction value/user).
  • Want to learn more about customer research.
  • Want to learn more about content creation.
  • Enjoy discovering new channels.
  • Ambition, desire to create achievements/marks in career.


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