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Head of Timo Signature

  • Ho Chi Minh City


Everybody dreams of being rich(er) and fears being poor. Timo supports you in achieving this dream. Financially, we support across the 5 functions of money: moving, managing, accessing, growing, and protecting your money.

Being rich however means more than just having a lot of money. Enjoying a rich life includes making money more fun and emotional by embedding banking services into your lifestyle and within your social circle to unlock a truly rich life.


Living a rich life is about more than a big bank balance. It is about being proud of your life, having rich relationships, lifestyle & experiences and health. Timo Signature is a membership program to support you in your journey to living a richer life.

Timo Signature is a premium membership offered by Timo, providing exclusive privileges, valuable benefits and special convenience to its owners. Timo Signature includes 4 pillars:

  • Signature Space: enhance your personal or business branding through a unique business card, tent card and a digital profile
  • Signature Society: build new relationships through a series of networking events
  • Signature Master Class: Learn new skills & experiences to enrich and enhance yourself
  • Signature Boarding Pass: enjoy priority support, early-bird access to new features & exclusive deals


Build and develop the community

  • Manage members overall experience by building a welcoming and collaborative community environment across the four pillars
  • Develop and maintain an ongoing event pipeline of classes & meetups
  • Monitor offering composition (based on member makeup) and evaluate events based on attendance, satisfaction, and impact
  • Be active on the member network and engage with members

Premium customer experience

  • Monitor service levels of customer service for Signature members
  • Coordinate with different sales channels & teams to increase the number of members
  • Design the mechanism to ensure frequent and adequate communications with Signature members

Product & benefit offerings

  • Source, negotiate and execute on special offers and events in collaboration with other teams for Timo Signature members
  • Liase with internal teams to ensure exciting product & benefit updates for Signature members
  • Define the product development direction of Signature Space


  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability of active listening specifically
  • Outstanding interpersonal and multitasking skills.
  • Disciplined, flexible and resourceful personality with a “make things happen” mindset
  • Passion for entrepreneurial or any other “for-a-purpose” communities.
  • Find joy in seeing other people pleased and happy and enjoy being an “extra”
  • Ability to build, maintain and leverage relationships for co-branded and sponsored events.

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