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Head of Customer

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Everybody dreams of being rich(er) and fears being poor. Timo supports you in achieving this dream. Financially, we support across the 5 functions of money: moving, managing, accessing, growing, and protecting your money.

Being rich however means more than just having a lot of money. Enjoying a rich life includes making money more fun and emotional by embedding banking services into your lifestyle and within your social circle to unlock a truly rich life.


  • Be kind and caring to customers, making them feel cared for through the provided services on both digital and physical channels.
  • Oversee both Engagement (Hangouts/Call) while ensuring smooth Operations (account/card/transactions).
  • Balance the different teams on various aspects (Engagement protects customers, but Core Ops protects Timo, etc.).
  • Find the right balance of moving fast and being creative enough (Engagement) while innovating in the right areas without being reckless (Operations).
  • Provide guidance and coaching to the existing teams and managers on day-to-day tasks and processes.
  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, such as product development, growth, and technology, etc., to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations.


  • Have +5 years of experience leading customer functions while understanding the limitations of regulated industry.
  • Welcome talent from any background, with strong experience in dealing with collaboration between engagement and operations. We have seen talents with both banking and non-banking backgrounds able to shine and become key contributors. Timo is not just a bank!
  • Truly care for customers and how we define our core problems.
  • Appreciate the domain expertise of current team members while also providing them with inspiring ideas on why we should or shouldn’t pursue certain initiatives.
  • See everything as an opportunity for Timo on a larger scale, not just resolving specific or individual requests.

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